Chichi's Kitchen

As rough and bitc*y as she is, you've got to admire that woman. Not only is she a sajin's house wife(that says a lot), but she was(and sometimes is)a fighter and, on occasion, throws unsuspecting tutors out of the window when they insult her husband. Heck, yeh!That'll teach'em not to make fun of your man!!!

This is a pic from the cover of a DBZ sticker album I got in's rather cute, too.
Don't you just hate it when your son dyes his hair blond like some kind of punk...
Here she is getting married to Goku.
She's a bit upset and is taking it out on road!(DB)
Now she's driving a jeep...
A classic sceen with her and Bulma getting into a fight.
How on Earth could she yell at such a hot husband...I mean, at least send him to bed for a spanking or something. ^-^
(Nice head shot)

...and many more to come!!!