Bulma's garage

Welcome to capsule corp.(I wish)This is Bulma's garage so watch your step and have fun!

Bulma wearing goggles.
Dragon Ball pic of her with a gun.
Piece of another pic.
Whole pic of the first one.
Bulma in the tub with the soap.
Ginyu in Bulma's body is slapping the crap out Krilin.
Dragon Ball pic of her young and confused by Goku's responce to seeing a girl for the first time.
Nice pic her all dressed up.
Bulma wishing Gohan and Krilin good luck on Namek.
Bulma looking anoyed like her man Vegeta.
Pic of Bulma as a mommy with baby Trunks.(front side)
Sassy pic of Dragon Ball Bulma with a gun.
Cute pic of her at the tournament.
Bulma chained up and POed in the "World's Stongest" movie.
Bulma in Trunks' time machine.
Cat fight between Chichi and Bulma in Rochi's house.

...and many more to come!!!