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Here is a small, but growing, DBZ music collection!6_6

When I decided to make this page it was a good idea, however, since then I've been getting in trouble with my parents over certin (glance at blank walls once flowing with posters) obsessions. So, after saving my DBZ stuff from certain destruction(several times)I've decided to keep things "low" for a while so as not to give away my new stash places. ~_6 In other words...progress WIll be slow.In the mean time, I will try to get all my new CDs on here(Jap&Eng).

Dan dan (GT opening theme) This is the beggining theme of GT. It's a happy, go lucky tune that's hard not to like.
Don't you see?(GT) This is another GT song. It used to be my fav.
Hikari no will power(GT) This is a GREAT song. It's what I have playing on the main page of this site.
Goku's theme This one's OK...I wouldn't recomend it, but it's neat being that it's Goku's own theme.
Vegeta's theme Well, if Goku gets his own song, ofcourse Vegeta gets one should know that!
Gohan's theme Yeah, Gohan gets a song too.
Trunks' theme No surprise, Trunks too.

The following songs have nothing to do with DBZ/GT. They are here for your use if you heard a song you like on one of my Fanfic pages.

unknown Kind of a sad song with some trumpets and violins.
unknown Lots of a fighting scene.
unknown Another sad song. This one is mostly flutes and piano...pretty.
Princess Mononoke Nice slow song with an Asian flavor to it.
Across the Stars Nice and slow Star Wars kinda song.
Adams Family (not the theme song) Fast pased organ...really neat.
Aeris' Death Beautiful slow song... Mostly clarinet and strings.
All Comming Back to Me know how the song goes...
Aqua-my oh my High energy, fun song.
Dragon Heart Slow, nice song with wood winds and such.
Enclosure Sad, slow song with piano and clarinet(?)
Eyes On Me Pretty slow song with some symbols and flute.
unknown (Enya?) Slow with pretty piano playing and a flute.
unknown Really pretty slow song...reminds me of Sailor Moon.
Memory (from "Cats", the Broadway hit) Piano, slow song of the musical "Cats".
unknown Really cool beat, slow song you can't help tapping your feet to.
This Land (Lion King) Familar slow song with flutes.
Unchained(?) Slow Oldies song with Chimes and a soft beat.
Watermark (by Enya) Really pretty with piano and strings.
Where I Am (by Enya) Slow nice song with piano.
World of Balance (Enya?) Really cool song, nothing like you've ever heard.