My A-18 page...

I know what your thinking...
(scary) why did I place 18 as one of the bad guys while devious Veggie is on the good guys side? Despite much debate in my head(o_0), I decided that she was better off that way since she IS one of the almighty andriods that trunks was peeing in his pants about! And since I love Trunks(amoung others)I took his word for it...even if A-18 is my hero.

It's Krilin and Cell in the back behind sweet, smiling 18.
I love this one. It's Krilin and Marron with mommy in the back watching keenly.
This one is 18 doing her usual kicking as*!
This is a good one with a city in ruins behind an onlooking 18.
This is a piece of the second pic.
This one was so cool it was worthy of being on my "ME" page!

...and many more to come!!!