Session Start: Mon May 20 16:17:33 2002

Session Ident: #pants

*** Now talking in #pants

Suparmono> pants

* Suparmono wears pants

Suparmono> hmm too loose in the ass

bernie> u lead a sad life yes?

Suparmono> nup

* Suparmono screams "NUP"

* Suparmono smiles and bites his lip off

* bernie SMILES

* Suparmono sits down, wang in hand]

* Suparmono sprays cum off over bernie

Suparmono> yum yum?

bernie> you disgusting immature moronic fuckwit

bernie> dont do that shit in this fucking channel

bernie> go to fucking oxford street

*** Z sets mode: +o bernie

bernie> silly fuckstick

*** bernie sets mode: +b *!*

*** You were kicked from #pants by bernie (Anger is a tool, only for one's opponents)

Session Close: Mon May 20 16:17:40 2002