MidWay> Hrm.

MidWay> America has like 108,000 schools.

Suparmono> and each of them with at least 20 gothic gunmen

Suparmono> not that i'm bagging goths..

Suparmono> well yes i am


Suparmono> and MidWay

*** Z sets mode: +b *!*hole@*.latrobe.edu.au

*** You were kicked from #gencorp by Z ((MidWay) Again, go whinge to some one to get your ban removed. I'm getting sick of your attitude)

Session Close: Mon Apr 15 17:09:00 2002

MidWay is actually touchier than arknstone when it comes to kickbans, and it pisses me off more when he does ban because i dont consider him a 'real' op, just a little boy with a little too much power. He's also a #thefishbowl regular, something that is not encouraged amongst regular users, but seems fine for ops. One day I would like to break a whiskey bottle over his head, but he's fat, so he gets punished every day. I'll bide my time.

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