*** Mr_Psych0 is now known as Queenmum

Queenmum> I'm DEAD

Suparmono> LOL

Suparmono> LOL

Suparmono> LOL

Clodd> HEHEH

Queenmum> i'm a rotting corpse!

Queenmum> help me maggots are eating my eye sockets

Suparmono> ahhh fuck, lol

Clodd> Mike...you are funny

Gumpy> not funny mike

Gumpy> not funny at all


Clodd> You do the best queen mum impression I've ever seen....for a second I thought that she'd come back from the dead.

* Queenmum rots all over Gumpy

Queenmum> Gumpy: want a magootrita?

Queenmum> maggotrita

MeateaW> hey

Suparmono> Gumpy: that was very amusing, please.

Clodd> Hehehehehhehe

MeateaW> im no monarchist or anything

MeateaW> but thats kinda disrespectful

Gumpy> MeateaW: i agree

Gumpy> MeateaW: thats my issue with it

x|q> yes, my issue too.

Suparmono> you should all lighten up. even some monarchists would laugh at that

MeateaW> if your mum just died, I dont think it would be very good if people were going around mocking her

Clodd> MeateaW: Bah......how respectful are most teenages of anything? Tell me you never told a princess die joke (or laughed at one...) :)

Queenmum> you're mocking me....i'm the queen mummy!!

Queenmum> they wrapped me up!

Suparmono> LOL:)


Gumpy> Clodd: She died less than a week ago.

Gumpy> Clodd: have a little respect.

* Suparmono 's flatmate just knocked on the door and asked if he could see what i was laughing at

Clodd> Gumpy: GET OVER IT. You of all people should be laughing....I know you don't give a shit about respecting the royal; family (and it WAS over a week ago...)

MeateaW> its not respecting the royal family

x|q> so you're the people that told and laughed at jokes about the WTC attacks?

Clodd> sp|gone: DON'T SHOW HIM.....unless it is a girl

MeateaW> its respecting DEAD PEOPLE.

Queenmum> like mE!

Gumpy> MeateaW: i agree.

Queenmum> dead people are dead

MeateaW> yes

Queenmum> what the fuck are they gonna do?

Gumpy> Clodd: All i'm asking is to have a little respect.

Queenmum> RESPECT find out what it means to me

Clodd> MeateaW: Mikes respecting her in her his own way....by breathing life to a lifeless corpse.

* Queenmum sings

Queenmum> i'll tell you this cemetary the buried me in such, people are dying to get in but the atmosphere is so dead

Clodd> Gumpy: No you're not.....you're asking him to shutup.....DAMN CENSORSHIP...

*** x|q has left #thefishbowl

Gumpy> Clodd: yeah...about something that offends me. As a member of this channel i have the right to speak up about it

* MidWay laughs.

*** Gumpy has left #thefishbowl

Queenmum> HAHAHHA

Queenmum> PUSSY


Queenmum> SOOK

MidWay> As a part of the commonwealth, legally you can be tried for treason :-)

Suparmono> that was some funny shit man

Queenmum> MidWay: bring it on!!

Clodd> MidWay: I'm sorry.....I guess she's just not a real person to me at all...

Queenmum> :)

* MidWay chuckles.

MeateaW> besides the respect thing, I cant see anything funny about pretending to be a dead person

MeateaW> [23:50] i'll tell you this cemetary the buried me in such, people are dying to get in but the atmosphere is so dead <-- oh gee the witt

Suparmono> lol

MeateaW> [23:47] you're mocking me....i'm the queen mummy!!

MeateaW> [23:47] they wrapped me up!

Queenmum> MeateaW: thanks MeateaW,

MeateaW> you really crack me up...

Suparmono> MeateaW: lighten up!

MidWay> It's not as if she played an insignificant role in the recent history of the human world, unlike everyone else in this room who totalled up, equate to a speck.

Queenmum> pfft is that meant to shame me?

MeateaW> nup

MeateaW> its meant to say you have a really shitty sense of humour, cause those jokes are not funny in the least

MidWay> MeateaW: Agreed.

* Queenmum cries like a MeateaW

Suparmono> lol

MeateaW> im not saying I could come up with jokes any better, but I can spot shitty jokes when I see em

Queenmum> I say i say i say, i know a man with a wooden leg called bob

MidWay> Queenmum: The funny thing is, your mockery of her life is a compliment, as no one is going to pay attention to your death :-)

Queenmum> 6 in a different voice 1 what does he call his other leg

Queenmum> MidWay: here's hoping

Clodd> Look.....people in the public eye aren'y real to us......that's why we romantasise them and laugh at them

Queenmum> heh. i just like it how these guys are trying to hurt my feelings.

MeateaW> yeah, I can see that, laughing at them ..

Queenmum> you cant though

Queenmum> coz i'm DEAD

Queenmum> :)

Suparmono> OMG ehhehehehhehe

MeateaW> aha! thats sooo funny! wow psycho you really have those dead jokes down !

MeateaW> haha

Queenmum> thanks MeateaW

MeateaW> no worries!

MidWay> Queenmum: Actually, I really don't care if you're a decent human or not :-) You're not in my circle of friends, nor do you have contact with them.

* Queenmum chinks MeateaW's glass

MidWay> That and I'm just bored tonight.

Queenmum> your comebacks inspire us all

Clodd> It's all just in fun...............no seriousness intended.

MidWay> So I'm fishing as such. :-)

Queenmum> it's like in kalgoorlie when we call them retards and they get all defensive

Queenmum> easy pickings

MeateaW> well, they might be =)

Queenmum> :)


Queenmum> i might go in there now

Queenmum> see if anyone is a monarchist

Suparmono> LOL

Queenmum> You were kicked from #Kalgoorlie by alch3my (ruski is a l33t h4x0r.. id leave if i were you before i starts nmap'ing from smoke. ;)

Suparmono> i saw Queenmum get kicked and i bailed too

Clodd> I'm banned still

Clodd> dang nabiit

Queenmum> :( they kicked me out

Queenmum> corpses have feelings too

Clodd> Not really...

Clodd> Anyway....gotta work tomorrow....be online for a little while tomorrow.....

Suparmono> Clodd: see you then bud

Clodd> Byeeeeeeee

Queenmum> see ya clodd

Clodd> bye

Queenmum> bwahaha

Queenmum> midway you fag you banned me

Queenmum> hahaha

Queenmum> oh is my face read

Queenmum> that tought me

Suparmono> lol

Queenmum> i swear i will NEVER impersonate a dead member of the british royal family ever again...

Queenmum> i have learnt my lesson

*** Suparmono is now known as Suparmono

Queenmum> hehehe

* Queenmum eats the little Suparmono

* Suparmono squeals as he goes down Queenmum's gullet

Queenmum> i will use your life to restore myself Return of the mummy style

* Suparmono breaks out of the bony torso

*** Gump|AFK has joined #thefishbowl

*** Gump|AFK has left #thefishbowl

Queenmum> HAHAHAHA

*** Gump|AFK has joined #thefishbowl

Queenmum> god, you people....you all make me laugh. i owe you guys a big hug each

Queenmum> if you guys had of ignored me i would have been back to my old nick within 2 mins

* Suparmono holds out his little trotter for a hug

MeateaW> maybe thats a good idea

Queenmum> yes it is

Queenmum> for the future

MeateaW> *** Added *!*@*.comindico.com.au to ignore list

Queenmum> :)

Gump|AFK> MeateaW: yeah i did the sam thing

MeateaW> that blanket ignore hits mrchoc in #gencorp tho

Suparmono> what does MrChoc do?

MeateaW> dunno

MeateaW> ooh

MeateaW> *** Added *!*@stproxy.latrobe.edu.au to ignore list

MeateaW> doesnt matter to me either

Queenmum> Suparmono: did you meet up with steve today?

Suparmono> Queenmum: yep, and jhil. are you ever free wednesdays at 1:00?

Queenmum> always

Queenmum> no uni

*** MeateaW has quit IRC (.)

Clodd> Suparmono: I will be available most weeks on wednesdays

Queenmum> but i aint coming in unless i have a reason

Queenmum> Clodd you still here!

Suparmono> Queenmum: dont expect you to, its only 1 hour

Suparmono> Clodd: /action dances with eeyore

Queenmum> yah

Queenmum> hehe

Suparmono> erk

Suparmono> well

Suparmono> MidWay that was funny, just broadcast my remark to MORE people and draw attenton to it!

Queenmum> what remark?

Suparmono> oh yeah Queenmum you're not in gencorp anymore

Suparmono> erk. not really in context anymore

Queenmum> yeah i got kickbanned

Queenmum> considering withuot me there was no convo i'm not too put down

Suparmono> Queenmum: alch3my said something about a guy named Martin who used to live with (lamer) MidWay, and i simply stated:

Suparmono> martin is a fat truckie from kalgoorlie (one of the many) who lived with MidWay as a favour to MidWay)

Clodd> night all

Queenmum> hahaha

* Suparmono waves to Clodd

Suparmono> night

*** Suparmono is now known as Suparmono

Queenmum> night clodd

*** Clodd has quit IRC (Fisting, Teabags, Snowballs, Cornholes, rim jobs - it was obvious that I was going to be a very busy girl this Easter - Brad's Mum, 2002.)

Queenmum> hahah

Queenmum> exit comment

Queenmum> hurmm

Queenmum> gonna have to go now myself

Suparmono> same

Queenmum> tonight was a good night

Suparmono> now that i cant be in #gencorp life has lost meaning

Suparmono> Queenmum: yep, a very good night

Suparmono> i logged it

*** Queenmum has quit IRC (i'm dead i'm dead put a rabbit in my head, there's enough space now because my brain has been removed...adieu. you sly boots)

Suparmono> very low brow

Suparmono> night Brad

* Suparmono kicks MidWay goodnight

*** Disconnected

Session Close: Thu Apr 11 00:30:22 2002

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