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arknstone> Thanks for the correction geoff.

arknstone> Really appreciate it

Suparmono> i wish i was geoff

Clodd> he doesn't really...

Gumpy> Suparmono: no you dont :)

Suparmono> if i was geoff i would instantly change my name to David and shut the fuck up.

Mr_Psych0> LOL!!

Mr_Psych0> good call dave

Suparmono> :)

Mr_Psych0> DAMMIT!

Mr_Psych0> you are still doing it wrong

arknstone> I'm in the mood for icecream oddly enough

* Mr_Psych0 offers arknstone a cone of MrChoc

Mr_Psych0> mrchoc will allow one inhalation only

Mr_Psych0> make it a good one

Suparmono> lol

* Suparmono snatches the icecream and throws it at MeaDSeaW

Mr_Psych0> what is DS?

Mr_Psych0> dog sex?

Mr_Psych0> danish sauce?

Mr_Psych0> doing shit?

Clodd> deep sucking

Mr_Psych0> draining saucers?

Mr_Psych0> drinking sarsparilla?

Mr_Psych0> drowning salmon?

Eeyore> deep space?

Mr_Psych0> donning superman-outfit

Gumpy> doing sheep.

Mr_Psych0> driving slowly?

Eeyore> dung smelling

Mr_Psych0> aww

Suparmono> Damn Sudanese

Mr_Psych0> i guess it's disconnecting

Mr_Psych0> :)

Mr_Psych0> sudanese lol

*** Z sets mode: +b *!*royRubins@*.comindico.com.au

*** Mr_Psych0 was kicked by Z ((arknstone) Do i really need a reason?)

arknstone> sigh

* Eeyore licks ark

Gumpy> ha ha

arknstone> Howdy Eeyore.

Eeyore> how goes it?

Eeyore> I gotta go to work in the morning

Clodd> arknstone: Everybody was involved in that......why'd yo only ban him?

Clodd> arknstone: Chris? Why?

*** Z sets mode: -b *!*royRubins@*.comindico.com.au

*** Mr_Psych0 has joined #gencorp

Eeyore> *grin*

arknstone> Clodd: When i typed it (i'm overly lagged. Noone was talking but he'd done about 20 lines of it.)

Mr_Psych0> had he now

arknstone> and he's annoying.

*** Z sets mode: -b *!*dandaman@*.optusnet.com.au

arknstone> Mr_Psych0/Suparmono Don't get warnings anymore.

Mr_Psych0> we havnt gotten warnings for ages

Suparmono> futchoonignog

Mr_Psych0> you just bust a nut and we are gone

arknstone> The channel is just full of spam and mindless bullshit.

* arknstone pats z on the back. "Good job remembering mate, i'd forgotton"

Eeyore> arknstone: can I play too?

arknstone> And it's crap.

Clodd> arknstone: Fair enough. I still think you're trigger happy though.

Mr_Psych0> to you maybe

arknstone> All the good worthy users are too busy/have too little patience to put up with the shit

Suparmono> arknstone: but nobody is talking

Suparmono> you want people talking in here

Mr_Psych0> are you some sort of scholar ark?

arknstone> Now we either give ops to more intelligent people, and let them choose they like/don't like

*** Poutremos has joined #gencorp

arknstone> Which would most likely cause chaos

arknstone> OR

arknstone> we tighten things up a bit

arknstone> which is what i'm trying to do

Mr_Psych0> lol

Isengard> cheer ark!

Clodd> arknstone: If you tighten all you'll have is silence 80% of the time

Mr_Psych0> god your reasoning is hilarious

Isengard> Mr_Psych0: fuck up, full fee payer.

Mr_Psych0> Isengard obviously wants ops by the way he hangs from your lapels all the time

Mr_Psych0> Isengard: you failed vca subject. NEXT!

Suparmono> lol

arknstone> Stevo

arknstone> Welcome

arknstone> Laugh! ;)

arknstone> I think isen's actually second on the list ;)

Eeyore> Clodd: why is silence a problem?

arknstone> Mr_Psych0: Actually he was 'forcably removed' ;)

Poutremos> hellow

Mr_Psych0> Isengard: ha ha ark made fun of yoy

Suparmono> silence is not a problem. the problem FOR ME is that talking is a problem!!!!

* Mr_Psych0 sticks his tongue out

Clodd> Eeyore: I don't care about the silence.....I talk on *other* channels. But ark often cares that nobdy talks in here,

Mr_Psych0> i talked once.....true story

*** Isengard is now known as isen|afk

* Mr_Psych0 snickers

Mr_Psych0> that sums it up

arknstone> isen|afk: ?

* Suparmono snickety snicks

Mr_Psych0> heh

* Suparmono sniggers loudly and obnoxiously while staring curtis in the browneye

Gumpy> arknstone: what is isen second on the list for?

Gumpy> Mr_Psych0: what are you on about?

* Suparmono cries loudly as he jams his gloved-fist inside his unwilling...

Gumpy> ear.

Clodd> anus

Suparmono> peehole

Gumpy> enough

Eeyore> Night

Clodd> Night IRC wife!

Eeyore> what is with that clodd?

arknstone> night Eeyore

Clodd> Eeyore: You're the only person here who is married (almost)

arknstone> Gumpy: Ops.

Eeyore> Clodd: that's at least 2 years away yet..

arknstone> 2 years?

arknstone> Wasn't it planned for april next yr?

Eeyore> finances dictate...postponed for a year

Clodd> Eeyore: Still....sooner than anyone else.....so you'll be Wendy to #Gencorps Lost boys.

Mr_Psych0> but until then you are living in sin

Eeyore> and?


Mr_Psych0> the lord shall SMITE you

arknstone> hang on

arknstone> WHY is it postponed?

Suparmono> Eeyore: yes, sinner. why dont you ever come in the 'other' channel with MidWay?

Gumpy> Eeyore: you only a dress a cake some rings some flowers and a church dude...you can get alllll of those at an op-shop

Mr_Psych0> god midway is enough in there

Mr_Psych0> lol @ Gumpy

Eeyore> Suparmono: 'cos I haven't been invited

Suparmono> Eeyore: either was midway

arknstone> Eeyore: DON'T GO IN THERE!

Suparmono> hehehe

Suparmono> :)


Eeyore> Suparmono: are you sure about that?

Suparmono> arknstone: your ops seem to approve!

Suparmono> Eeyore: DO NOT JOIN THEFISHBOWL!!!

Mr_Psych0> it;s nice in there. if the gencorp ops stayed away

Mr_Psych0> well we wouldn't mind colin

Mr_Psych0> he's ok

Suparmono> Eeyore: DO NOT! we have MidWay in there, he's plenty (as mike said).


Clodd> :)

Mr_Psych0> its absurd...in my day such a thing would never have happened

*** Z sets mode: +b *!*hole@*.latrobe.edu.au

*** You were kicked from #gencorp by Z ((MidWay) Ponder the Zen of Mu Mu.)

Session Close: Mon Apr 22 00:38:50 2002

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