Session Start: Mon Apr 22 16:22:38 2002

Session Ident: #Rap

*** Now talking in #Rap

Suparmono> yo

*** Suparmono: you're not channel operator

Suparmono> fuckle

*** JoRdAnIaN has joined #rap

*** Z sets mode: +o JoRdAnIaN

Suparmono> hi

Suparmono> Supar in da Chan

Suparmono> niggaz

JoRdAnIaN> hoo the fuk r u

Suparmono> Suparmono

Suparmono> fool

* Suparmono holsters his glock and nods at JoRdAnIaN

*** You were kicked from #rap by JoRdAnIaN (JoRdAnIaN)

*** Rejoined channel #Rap

Suparmono> now why did you kick me?

Suparmono> it was a strange thing to do

Suparmono> Its Supar, rappin in rap, pay Jordan no mind cause his spits are crap/ whatch me rhyme, it'll teach you to test, Supar shooting rounds through jord's kevlar vest/ now what he gonna do? kick-ban me for sho, I'm smacking him down like he my prison ho <-- strikly representin

*** JoRdAnIaN sets mode: +b *!*

Suparmono> If I get kicked, shit I'll be pissed, it'll show these rappers can't live up to my spits/

#Rap Cannot send to channel

*** You were kicked from #rap by JoRdAnIaN (JoRdAnIaN)

Session Close: Mon Apr 22 16:48:22 2002

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