Suparmono> arknstone: you run lans?

arknstone> Of course.

Suparmono> i'm going to set up an al-fresco lan parlour in bourke st mall

arknstone> a what?

Suparmono> outside Myer in bourke st i'm going to set up tables and phone lines. All people have to do is bring their own computer, with game patches, monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, modem/cables etc, and computer chair, and they can sit in the open and play games like CS and doom2 in the open bourke st mall

arknstone> That's not gunna work you realise ;)

arknstone> Look at transport problems for one thing

arknstone> No one is gunna drag a box, monitor, and a bunch of otherstuff on a train.

Suparmono> they will once i've successfully marketed it. Come LAN ALFRESCO

Suparmono> and i'm going to make a rule: no food or drink. Even though its their computer

Suparmono> and i'm going to charge twice as much as the nearest lan

Suparmono> Golgy you get 50 hours free for being a bsthosting customer

Suparmono> alfresco is basically doing something in the open (usually eating)

Suparmono> arknstone is worried that i will ruin his credibility lan-wise, as people will rather come to my open-air parlour and pay for it than go to his

Suparmono> ;)


arknstone> you carry a 17" monitor and a full tower case AT THE SAME TIME

arknstone> a single person can't move their box alone

arknstone> unless it's a laptop

Suparmono> and computer chair

arknstone> and how do you get to the tram?

arknstone> see how feasible this is?

arknstone> ANGSTVILLE!

Suparmono> arknstone: people will happily leave their computers in storage at spencer st station in order to lan everyday in bourke st

arknstone> Suparmono: No, no they won't. AND HOW WILL THEY GET THERE?!?!?!?!?

Suparmono> they will struggle awkwardly from spencer st with their tower, monitor etc and chair, and then be so relieved that they're finally at my lan that they wont want to leave all day

arknstone> Suparmono: Good luck ;)