Clodd> You are a boring fuck

Kahlan> and u r?

Kahlan> soooo exciting

Kahlan> yes

Clodd> Tristan. But were on for hours and you didn't contrubute anything but bullshit. Worse than most nights.....

Kahlan> oh no you're a DUMB fuck...tristan?

Kahlan> didn't feel like i could cos u we're all so tight

Clodd> Yes. That's my name. I really think that you're a boring person. Anybody who come's online and starts spouting off about how intelligent they are and about a profession that is practilly useless online and about their 'working relationship'

Kahlan> FUCK OFF

Clodd> Wow....really showing your IQ now, smart girl. You talk to all the fella's like that or just to the really special ones who can see you for what you really are? But wait....I have a feeling that you were probably not very popular at school....that maybe you were quite a 'looser'. Is this how you try to make yourself feel better? By claiming to be intelligent and attempting to gain respect from people who will never see you

Kahlan> mmmmmm, how are you going , I mean really Clodd?

Clodd> Fine thankyou. Yourself? Still cry yourself to sleep? Suicide still seem like a good career move for you or have convinced yourself that any day now people will take you seriously?

Kahlan> By the way it's not the same person Kahlan's gone to bed, so lets see you diagnose ...... say me, if, and I mean if you are as intellectual as you presume to be

Kahlan> hello

Kahlan> are you there

Clodd> I never said I was intellectual. I said I was an arts student. Kahlan's the one who tells total strangers that they have serious relationship and trust Clodd> issues and that she has an IQ of 145. I, personally couldn't give a fuck about either. Is Kahlan crying? Are you her friend?

Kahlan> haha, funny!

Clodd> Thankyou.

Kahlan> no I wouldnt be concerned, although.......

Clodd> Although....?

Kahlan> Isnt it a bit disconcerting that you would feel pride or acknowledgement from someone you dont know, saying haha, funny! Really

Kahlan> not picking of course

Kahlan> But hey who am I to judge other than a phantom on the net

Clodd> It's called manners. Somebody says something nice, you thankthem. You should have learned that from your parents.....or did they abandon you?

Kahlan> cos are'n't we all

Clodd> Is this your page? Cos it feels like something you'd do.

Kahlan> hahaha, mate you clever! I mean really speak with some sence, dont try to sarcasm me to death, it's not possible on the net, bully yes; sarcasm unfortunately no!

Kahlan> wow you are clever, that was a bit slow wasn't it?

Clodd> I

Clodd> I think you mean 'sense', University Graduate.

Kahlan = dicksucker. She's some psych student from perth who came into #gencorp and immediately analyzed everyone. I took an instant disliking to the little bitch, as did a few others (mainly #thefishbowl regs) but #gencorp didn't seem to mind her (she tried to diss us, maybe why:) Clodd (Tristan) pasted this convo to me in PM, I've left it exactly how he pasted it. It was chosen mainly to show how low IRC has sunk, and because it amuses me.