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Suparmono> IRC is my life. I wish for nothing more than my computer, a 56k dialup connection, and full channels. and to be unbanned from #kalgoorlie and #melbourne

arknstone> you got banned from #melbourne?

arknstone> laugh

Suparmono> #melbourne banned me for naming different names for penis, anus and vagina many times when the channel was DEAD at 4:00am

MidWay> How the fuck did you get banned from #melbourne?

MidWay> Bwaha.

MidWay> Dweeb

MidWay> Actually.

MidWay> Suparmono: You remind me more of a middle class going nowhere bogan.

Suparmono> you're not the only ones with limited patience:)

Suparmono> MidWay: ha, you've never met me, idiot

Suparmono> how do you judge people who are 'going nowhere'?

MidWay> I've never met the vast majority of IRC geeks.

MidWay> And I don't plan to.

MidWay> How ever, those I have met at meets that act like you do.. Are exactly that, middle class going nowhere bogans.

Suparmono> MidWay: and what are you then? you're a fucking OP!

MidWay> No?

MidWay> I'm more middle class going nowhere geek.

MidWay> Geeks earn more than bogans and drink spirits instead of beer.

Suparmono> MidWay: i was starting to like peace in this channel, i didn't want more beef with any users, and you go and start this shit with me. and as soon as i 'go too far' I'm the one who gets kickbanned

* MidWay grins.

Suparmono> don't grin at me you fat piece of shit.

Eeyore> Suparmono: you've just sat there and complained that MidWay wouldn't ahve any way of knowing if you're a bogon or not and then you call him fat?

MidWay> Eeyore: It hadn't escaped me..

MidWay> Suparmono: According to you, you're bleck. Hence closer to a piece of shit than me :-)

Suparmono> Eeyore: complained? i mentioned it once, a retaliatory comment. Fat, well...i've seen #thefishbowl website. MidWay: black? thats called a joke. but as a #gencorp op (who is also a fishbowl reg, according to stats you're in there more than anyone) i'm not surprised you haven't picked up on that

arknstone> MidWay: You know you have my full support to ban him whenever you've had enough ;)

Suparmono> arknstone: wtf! i didn't even start that

Suparmono> i know its like, not a democracy etc, but really

Suparmono> that was a ridiculous comment to make.

MidWay> Suparmono: I've actually wanted to ban you for probably the entire time I've been in #Gencorp.

MidWay> But sometimes its more fun taking the piss out of you without you realising..

Suparmono> MidWay: you do not take the piss. you don't even come close. you're not even on my level. you run straight to you're ridiculous 'hidden op' power when i'm whipping you at argument, and for some reason you have the support of the real ops.

Suparmono> if only you had that sort of support for your man-boobs

Suparmono> oooh, getting personal

Suparmono> awaiting ban...

* golgy begs

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