*** Now talking in #breakfastclub

Suparmono> so this is breakfast club?

Suparmono> i was expecting something a bit..erm..more lively.

Suparmono> now where's my breakfast!

* Suparmono helps himself to some @Z pops

Suparmono> yum!!!!!! this channel

geoffwa> I would talk, but my fagometer needle is attempting to breach the barrier of real numbers

Suparmono> geoffwa: well you should leave then

Suparmono> i win

geoffwa> I would... FAG

Suparmono> geoffwa: you're the fag

Suparmono> i win

geoffwa> no I'm not

geoffwa> you're a fag

Suparmono> you are

Suparmono> i win

geoffwa> no, you *ARE* a fag, since you constantly and consistently demonstrate fag behaviour

Suparmono> i dont, you do

Suparmono> i win

geoffwa> I made a factual statement ("you're a fag"), since then you have only declare that you have *won*, thus reinforcing that you're a fag

Suparmono> you're the fag. i'm making the factual statement. my name isn't geoff.

Suparmono> i win

geoffwa> do you ever consider *not* sticking your penis into everything/one?

Suparmono> sometimes I imagine being named Geoff. It amuses me. I'd have to grow a penis on my head!

Suparmono> i win

geoffwa> some people burn fags for a living

Suparmono> you're next

Suparmono> i win