Three Worlds, One Mind

Welcome to Three Worlds, One Mind, a fictional story site displaying three major stories I've been writing over the last few years. The first story I started with in 2006 was Rebel Without Cause, a sci-fi world filled entirely with original characters. Then in 2008, ideas for my second original story Imperial Regalia came to life, and in late 2010, the same happened with Faustian Pact. Progress is always slow but steady, and I take pride in anything I post on this website. If you wish to comment on or critique my work, feel free to contact me at 'benit149 [at] hotmail [dot] com'.

Without further ado, proceed onward to one of the three worlds created from my mind...

- Benit149

WORLD 1: Rebel Without Cause (2006-current)
The very first series of stories created, and is so far the most developed of the three. Beni Masanari is a mercenary who seeks to rid the galaxy of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and anyone who would use them. She isn't exactly the nicest person around, but her sense of justice refuses to let the Millennium War drag on any more than it has and she will meet other like-minded people during her travels.

WORLD 2: Tales of Obscura (2008-current)
A Tales-inspired fantasy-based world completely unrelated to Rebel Without Cause. Krile Shizumori is a quiet swordsman who gets plunged into an incredibly complicated series of wars, but focuses on saving her sister Krita. Formerly called Imperial Regalia.

WORLD 3: Faustian Pact (2010-current)
A parallel universe to Rebel Without Cause, with many characters and concepts borrowed from there. Focuses on two mysterious people, Malim and Adamas (Beni's equivalent), as they romp through the galaxy on a never-ending quest for money, battles, jokes, and fun - all at everyone else's expense.