Miho the Vampire Bait


Isn’t it funny how things can be so simple when the world around you is wrapped in complete chaos? Simplicity was the main item on the menu. Be prim, proper, and pretty, and you are perfect. Nothing else mattered… it didn’t need to. Well, not until the day I was literally backhanded into reality and shown that everything I’ve ever known was wrong.


Such is the life of a socialite’s daughter, betrothed at birth to some old rich man, bred to be perfect in every way, and ignorant to the world safe for the “higher education” provided by my so-called qualified tutors. One could say that I am bitter now, but I digress, I didn’t complain then. No. I knew no better and in fact, I enjoyed my sheltered living thoroughly.


Living under the veil of innocence, the prospect of demons, let alone dishonest people never crossed my mind. Perhaps there was a reason I had never left my family’s compound until three days before my marriage.


Let me tell you a little about that day. Saying it had changed my life is a little of an understatement, as it had sparked a domino effect by merely walking out the door. Sure, the day itself was probably no big deal for anyone else, but it seemed like I was walking target from the day I was born and didn’t know it.


That very morning, after my mother had asked me to finalize a few more details of my nuptial kimono, I had anticipated another visit from one of my fiancé’s  bizarre entourage, as they have been charged to design my entire new wardrobe that I will be wearing as his new wife. Bizarre, yes. Takehide Takiyama was never seen as an ordinary man, wealthy and highly regarded by the imperial court, yes, however very eccentric. Honestly, I had no personal opinion of the man. No one spoke much of him in my presence with the exception of his wealth and what a lucky little bride I would be. I took it in stride. I knew nothing of love so it was like moving to a new home and it would already be furnished with my children and so forth. Yes, I was that sheltered.


 Nonetheless, I sent myself to the waiting room to receive the guest and waited brainlessly for two hours until my most trusted servant, Meimei, had come to take me outside. OUTSIDE I tell you. The candy coated world where I was not. Meimei-chan acted very strangely when she took my hand to lead me out of our front gates. “Miho-sama,” she said quietly while shifting her eyes over our lavish frontal gardens. “Miho-sama, things are going to be very different from here on. Please, don’t talk to anyone. And tell no one of this.”


I looked at her with indifference. I was always taught to not speak unless spoken to, so it was of no news to me. So with a crazed yet serious look in her eye, Meimei led me down the dusty and dirty streets, nothing like the wooden or cobblestone paths I was anticipating. Those filthy roads were bordered by shattered little cabins which seemed to act as homes for destitute families, living in inhuman conditions. I covered my mouth from the stench emanating from the crude sewage ditches running along the sides of the road. Disgusting and completely unusual, I felt myself retch on the inside. I was dizzy. What the hell was this world?!


Poor Meimei. On the receiving end of my frustration, this was quite unfriendly and abusive. “How dare you drag me into hell?” I spat angrily between clenched teeth while hiking up my lavish silken kimonos to dishonorable heights, which added to my confused fury.


She said nothing, keeping her deep eyes fixed on a destination in the distance. She showed no emotion, no change in pace, with determination we kept forth, avoiding the stares of curious onlookers.