Go Play


          I was sitting there at the pond, I really had better things to be doing as usual, but I just didnít want to. What else could I do that was more interesting than work? Hah, anything, what kind of question is that. You know I look down at my hands; they just arenít the same anymore, where did my hands go? I donít remember them looking like this, I think an old man cam and took his off and put them on me when I was sleeping. Okay they arenít THAT old, but they donít appear to be as tight skinned or as calloused as they once were. The days I used to fight, and do actual work, not this pitiful excuse for employment, sitting behind a desk all day and taping at a keyboard to make sure that our accounts balance and all that other mind swill that had aged my mind long before it was suppose to. I am thankful for; however, all my years of fighting, theyíve kept that thirst for energy alive within me, so now I donít look like I sit in front of computer all day.

          How did this happen? Where did the last ten years go? It seems that the last real thing I did, was, well, searching for the black dragon ball, man, I must have been in my early twenties, and Iím not what? Thirty-five? Thatís old right? Hah! Not THAT old, Iím still a young pup, but why is it that whenever I try to finally get on with my life, you know, get to that next step, relationships, marriage, children, andÖ andÖ and what? Face it Trunks, you are inept. You know what you want; all you have to do is go get it. I would be sighing melodramatically at the moment; however, Iím afraid, I hear that sound coming from behind me. Oh yes, I know it, Iíll turn my head and sheíll be standing there with her hands on her hips and glaring at me. Since sheís gotten out of college she thinks sheís the greatest thing since sliced bread, and she is. Iíve told her that many times. You want to know what she says to me? Huh? You REALLY want to know? Go play. Thatís rightÖ and I quote, ďTrunks, go play with some girl your own age. I donít like you that way and it really bothers me that you do.Ē I canít count the amount of times she has said those very wordsÖ ďGo playĒ. It drives me nuts! Someone my own age I donít need. If I WANTED someone my age, Iíd have been married many years ago, but newsflash, Iím not.

          Sheís waiting for me to turn around, I can feel her stare at the back of my head but I am not about to give her that satisfaction. Sheís going to tell me that I should be at work, and sheís not going to say a word until I turn around, thatís just the way Pan is. She is very predictable, actually, Iíve been told that Iím the only person that can predict her, I know why. Why canít anyone else see that? Sheís casting her shadow on me, like if I hadnít noticed her presence yet. Hah, I knew she was coming at the very least a mile away. Oh well, for once, sheís going to have to make the first move; Iím very tired of initiating everything. I could go on for hours on how many times Iíve initiated things, letís star the list, oh yeah, her training, her socializing (Kami knows she was a little geek of a thing in her frosh year in high school. You know the chain wallet thing? That was me!) , her dating (Iím still kicking myself), her friendship with my sister, her rivalry with Maron (that was good!), her first kissÖ Ah, her kiss. Okay the kiss wasnít that great but it was hers. She came to me in a VERY embarrassed state, after her first date (with a guy I set her up with), she adored the kid. She had a little problem, she wanted to kiss him once he had dropped her off at her front door, and being a college frosh, should have at the very least taken that step, but hadnít. The poor girl was nearly in tears with embarrassment, she couldnít kiss him, she didnít know how. Much like a really bad teeny bopper flick, I HAD to show her. It was none too different from ďCruel IntentionsĒ, Sarah Michelle Gellar and whatíshername.