Frozen Tears


Tears welled up in Isabella’s eyes. She couldn’t understand the horror of seeing her lover’s casket in the nine foot deep hole. Yet somehow, she knew she should have seen it coming. The circumstances behind his death were slow, steady, and well paced. Perhaps she never thought she’d see the day.


Isabella had gotten a call that morning, assuming it would be yet another sympathy wisher, however the voice was that of her boss, and he had just gotten the review from their human resources department; she’d gotten the promotion she had fought for. In normal circumstances, he said, she would get the news in person the next morning. Clearing out her office was something she wanted to do for a long time, and if she wasn’t going to be getting any respect soon, the move would be to another company.


Her emotions conflicted greatly. A life lost, a life gained. Her new position would have finally given her and her lover a financial freedom worthy of only dreams. For the last, goodness knows how long, they’ve wallowed in debt and poverty, and this made them all the stronger as a couple.