Chapter 2 (Confrontation With Heero)


He watched through slits between his eyelashes, the feuding ‘couple’, which were making their last hurrah, or so he was hoping. He knew better, the arguments they shared have come this close to ending the relationship, but as soon as the sun dipped into the far west, or until one or the other could take it any longer, everything was forgotten and they were in a state of post orgasmic bliss for the next week or so until the arguments started all over again. An endless cycle that could very simply be solved if it were his business, Heero was afraid of his emotions, and although acted upon them, feared for what he just may bring himself to do, thus pushing his beloved Duo away hurting him all the more. The Chinese sighed in his thoughts, it always happened this way, Heero would blow up and run to Quatre for comfort, as obvious as it was that he had a secret crush on the little Arabian he respected the relationship he had with Trowa, left the blond as an old fantasy and was content to have him now as a close friend. Duo would however, run out and become a barstool alcoholic, picking up men and women to quell his inner pain. Then a week or so down the road, Heero would apologize to Duo and make it all better, he was very incapable of handling the sight of his little Shinigami with other people. 


As selfish as he found himself to be, Wufei felt it was his duty to see that Heero should really treat Duo with more credit than he does.  Often keeping himself out of the others’ ‘pass times’, it was about time the Japanese deal with some fierce competition and realize what could be lost. He figured not only will his interference keep a little more peace, but he might just be able to grab hold of the angel that haunted his dream if only just once.


‘Three, two, one… “SLAM!!” One, two, three, “Good riddance!” four, five, six, “Where’s Quatre”, ha, so predictable. I guess I should wake up now that it’s safe.’


Standing on unstable legs, wobbling slightly, leaned against the wall next to the fridge, in which Heero had open taking out a bottle of water. Their eyes met with unkind glare as the door closed, “Stay out of it”, he said coldly. “Heero, I was just going to get myself a glass of orange juice, I heard you went to get some earlier, that’s all”, dripping with sarcasm. “Stay out of it” the youth repeated, “No, this time I don’t think I will, I like orange juice.” He reopened the fridge, pulled out the container of juice, and drank from it, tossing the empty container aside into the garbage. “I guess I’ll be going to the store to get some more.” He could feel Heero burning holes into his back with his eyes as he turned away to his bedroom to change. He slept longer than he had realized and it was already evening, he had hoped to pick up the ‘orange juice’ soon before it got lost in countless places that it could be served.


Fifteen minutes and a quick shower later, he was zipping around the foyer like a top out of control looking for his keys to the jeep. A human shaped shadow made its presence at his feet, startling him. He followed the shadow up to it’s owner, standing there was a very smug looking Heero Yuy with his car keys dangling from his forefinger. “You leave Duo alone” he warned while tossing the keys onto the floor at Wufei’s feet. “I told you, I’m just going out to get orange juice.” “You are a little dressed up to go to the store don’t you think?” “If you haven’t noticed, I have been single for a LONG time, and I’ll take it where I can get it. If I happen to meet Duo on the way, well c’est la vie. Deal with it. You aren’t seeing him anyways.” He bent over and snatched his keys off the floor, looking sternly all the while at the looming Wing pilot. “Besides,” he added, “since when do you care what either Duo or I do? It’s now none of your business like it was once none of mine.” Heero took a few paces back, keeping a threatening eye on the raven-haired youth, knowing it was none of his concern what would go on between the two, but he was very uncomfortable with them seeing each other, leaving him out of the couples group. Although, it’s what he wanted from the beginning, but he grew accustomed to the feeling, and was lost in a certain perspective without the braided boy by his side.


Wufei straightened, sizing up the Japanese boy, and rolled his eyes as he left the house “Weak” he mumbled under his breath. Leaving the little confrontation with Heero aside, he ran like a wild one to the jeep, tinkering with the bouncing keys in his palm, attempting to find the right one. Cursing to himself, he tried every key to the door, and perchance, it was the very last one on the ring to fit. He threw himself into the driver’s seat, putting the key in the ignition and revved the motor all in one motion. Once the jeep reached the end of the drive way, he realized that Quatre was the last to use it and that he was practically sitting on the dash, looking into the sky with his rear view and side mirrors, he cursed again, blood pumping through his body mixed with adrenaline anticipating a run-in with Duo and leaving Heero in a nice blatant mess of himself. Wufei rearranged the seat and mirrors, sighed deeply, and pulled out the drive thinking “if I were Duo, where would I be? Think, oh yeah, The Next Door Over, only the biggest kiddy bar and meat market in town.”



The lights blinked in random insanity, the music was loud enough to make a deaf man hear, and the smoke filled the place to the brim, making him wonder how people could spend more than five minutes in the place. It was well over crowded, in complete violation of safety codes, and he saw people of all sexes making out, shooting up, and looking very scantily clad, needless to say he felt like a yokel. This was certainly not his scene, however, the best of places where Duo could evaporate into a bizarre world of numbness, to forget Heero’s cruel words and perhaps even take his own life like has attempted before. He decided the first place to look would be the bathrooms, only God himself could imagine the horrors that took place there.


Finding the enormous neon sign, half burned out reading “  AS  OOM”, he shrugged and strode into the one with the little defaced men’s room sticker on it. And he thought it was bad out in bar, he nearly passed out from the smoke and malodorous stench seeping from the busted urinals and overflowing toilets, on which men of all ages and sizes were either injecting themselves with whatever drug they could get their hands onto, or, what was hidden behind the stall doors, men screwing like no tomorrow or other gruesome sexual acts.  It was very disturbing to him, someone who has killed many on the battlefield and had seen countless horrors from war, that this scene could be unsettling. How Duo could stand to even consider coming to this poor excuse of a nightclub was beyond his comprehension. His eyes dwelled on the floor, debating whether he should walk in further and search for his braided companion, or walk out and stand in the poorly lit hallway in hopes he could find him either going in or out of the washroom, but decided to go with his instincts and swallow his pride to ask around in there whether they have seen a really cute guy with long braided hair or not. While searching, he could have made over five hundred dollars, just for giving some man a good time, or dancing with other various party goers, but he remained fixed on finding the American. As far as he could tell, no one had seen or heard of him, thankfully and ran out of the bathroom as fast as his legs could carry him.


An hour or so had already passed and his patience began to wear thin, he had to find him soon or else something bad could happen, and he would only blame himself for not looking hard enough, until he spotted a set of tight little buns wrapped in form fitting black jeans, complemented by a loose fitting red tank top that covered a well toned torso, and a long chestnut colored braid dangling down from a stool at the bar. The figure was nearly surrounded by men and women, leering at him lustfully, as he babbled incoherently some old jokes he had heard all too often. Wufei let out a huge sigh of relief, Duo was safe so far, and not drugged as he could tell. He pushed his way violently to get to him, being stopped by a large trunk of a man who refused to let him through the barrage of dancing idiots or so he thought of them. Weaving left and right, the man refused to move until an incredibly loud “WU-MAN! WHASSUP??” roared over the music. The life of the party bounced off his seat and slithered (there was no other way to describe it) over to the big man and tapped on his shoulder, motioning that the Chinese boy was with him. The man nodded, smiling dumbly at Wufei and let out his arm welcoming him to the groupies that surrounded Shinigami.


“Tell them man, I’m the God of Death right? Onegai?” he clung to him in an affectionately drunken manner, “Hey, I went to war with this guy. He’s soooo cool. Tres kakoi my dude.” He began introducing him to the group much to Wufei’s discomfort. “Maxwell, you’re drunk, lets go home.” He sternly grabbed his arm and attempted to drag the American whether he was willing to go or not. “Aw, but you just got here! I wanted to have a little fun,” he pouted very cutely, nearly making him give in to his charms. The raven-haired blinked to straighten his mindset, “No, you had your fun now it’s time to go.” He pulled Duo even harder from his chair, making him slip, however, Wufei caught him by the waist before he landed. Being body to body with the subject of the very erotic dream had earlier that day, he lost himself for a moment while staring into the violet depths of Duo’s hazy eyes. “Buddy, somethin’ a matter?” His head jerked up and he stuttered an apology overly quickly. “Lets just go home.” He began to pout again, however, the Chinese boy put a hand over his mouth and yanked him roughly out of the nightclub.


Tripping over unsteady feet, the night air was so refreshing and sobering he coughed hard and nearly vomited.  “Buddy I think I drinked too much” his speech clearly slurred, he admitted while being supported as he climbed into the passenger side of the jeep. Wufei closed the door and nodded. “That you did.” He got behind the wheel and looked to see if Duo was passed out yet or not, but found the American staring at him. He shifted nervously, “is there something wrong?”. “Naw, you just look good tonight. Wanna fuck?” Wufei slammed his forehead against the steering wheel a few times. ‘That would just be wrong. God knows I want to, but he is way too drunk. That’s just not my style. Besides, I’d want him to remember it the next morning’ he pondered. Duo sat there impatiently, arms crossed waiting for an answer. “You are really dense ya know Wufei? I have been giving you hints for ages and you still don’t want to do anything. You must REALLY be straight.” He wasn’t too sure that they should be having this conversation at the moment, so he kept quiet and let Duo do the talking, hopefully he wouldn’t remember all that he had said that night. The entire ride home comprised of him either whining about Heero or trying to convince the horny Wufei to bed, which was becoming very difficult to resist.


Once at the house, he got out and opened Duo’s door to help him out, lending an arm for leverage, he tumbled unceremoniously out of the jeep and into the awaiting Chinese’s arms. They stood there with their arms wrapped around each other for an unsettling moment, until Duo pressed his body harder onto Wufei, trailing his broad chin with feather light kisses. Unable to think or move, he stood there, paralyzed with a sweet mix of pleasure from a slight fulfilled fantasy, and pain for knowing that he could not allow Duo to continue. Mustering all the self-control he could, he pushed the lusty adolescent away with a disheartening sob. He raised his hand to stroke one of the braided youth’s cheeks, and whispered to him. “You know, I do want you, but not like this. I think it would be best if you went to bed and slept this off.”



Curtains of chestnut hair clung to their sweaty bodies as they moved in sync with their rampaging heartbeats and throbbing desires. Breathless between kisses, and vision blurred from ecstasy, he traced the fine muscles of the other’s back as another thrilling thrust invaded his senses. He knew he could not hold out much longer, it was all too much passion for his first time. The other leaned down and massaged the back of his neck with his finger tips of it’s left and with it’s right, finally took hold of his neglected erection and pumped with each of it’s thrusts into him. The tips of his toes began to tingle, a tingle that blazingly worked its way over his body ending in an eruption of pleasure near the center of his body. The other bent to his lips to caress them, taking a moment to clear the hair that clung to his sweaty forehead to reveal his eyes. He fluttered them open as if for the first time. He saw…


BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP He snatched the alarm clock off his night table and threw it with a crashing thud all the way to the opposite wall.

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