Cell Games


I blinked, once, twice, heck I could have blinked a billion times and still could not clear my vision. It was hazy, my memory slowly slipping back into the front of my mind; I had to blink to sort it all out. My body was held down by something, I knew I would find out soon enough, but would I be happy about this, I really thought not. “Where the hell am I?” I thought dumbly. I cringed at the stupidity of the statement, like I really wanted to know where I was. It was warm, clean almost sterile, and soundless. I was laying on my back, my arms and legs stretched out and clasped down with what felt like stiff leather, the kind that saddles are made of. The ‘bed’ beneath me was also warm, but a metallic warm, like when you press your hands to the toaster on a cold winter morning. The bed, as far as I was able to tell with my godforsaken lack of vision, was rather larger than I could reach by extending my fingers and feet. I guess it was pretty big considering I was sort of spread eagle, and that my friends, made me VERY uncomfortable. Not that I mind being spread out like that, I just didn’t like the feeling that someone was watching me. And sure enough, someone was watching me. My vision was slowly coming to, and I could make out a faint outline of a taller male figure approaching me with caution. What did he have to be scared of? I was tied down for goodness sake.


“You must be 02”, he said very smoothly, and it was almost eloquent. Yeah, strange, he said a grand total of five words and I was impressed. I didn’t give him any reply, I didn’t even nod. Gosh I’m so proud of myself for being a good little trained monkey. He didn’t seem fazed by my lack of response, I’m assuming he wasn’t waiting for a confirmation on that, obviously I’m here and I’m pretty distinguishable. “You must have many questions as to why you are here.” Again, another question covered with fact. What’s up this guy? I shifted my eyes to take a quick glimpse of him; I shouldn’t have done that because boy I was in for trouble. “Well 02, or should I call you Duo, maybe Mr. Maxwell?” Okay, he was getting me rather curious, we haven’t been fighting for very long, but this guy knew my full name, THAT scared me, and I think he knew it scared me.  Was he purposely trying to make me all the more curious? Anyways, I took the liberty to mentally sketch him, just in case ya know? He was tall, had short caramelly cinnamon coloured hair with deep blue eyes, he was wearing something similar to hospital scrubs, but I couldn’t be too sure. His clothes were rather drab and simple, baggy but not too loose, just right to get a good idea of his build. He made me feel like a shrimp. Did I mention he was gorgeous? No, probably not. That would be the wrong thing to think of in this situation but hey… I’m a teenaged boy with the hormones to match; I’m allowed to look right?


As I was saying, it looked like he was trying to study me, in one way or the other, he was. “Do you want to know why you are here?” I nodded, still keeping my mouth shut, I know some people who would want to have that moment video taped. “Good. As you know, you are a prisoner. There is no way out, so you are advised to not try to escape, as it is, I had to pull strings to have kept you alive this long. My name is Treize Kushrenada.” He made sure to pause as I let my eyes bulge out a few millimetres. I was in deep shit if I was having a private audience with him. It’s pretty bad that suddenly everything you’ve ever wanted to keep secret just floods right to the tip of your tongue when you least want it to. I began to remember everything, the fight, my poor attempt at self-destruction, Heero… ummm… yeah Heero, but that’s another story.


Treize must have realized that my memory was emerging because he had this real goofy grin plastered over well-defined lips. I slapped myself mentally, “I let myself get caught didn’t I? Great… now you’re in the hands of OZ, and god knows they aren’t kind to their P.O.W.s.” I also ran a few strings of colourful curses after that thought too. So there I was, lying on a big ole torture bed (I was guessing), ready to be interrogated by the head honcho himself. Damn I was special. He even pulled some strings to keep me alive, how freakin’ thoughtful of you Treize.  I couldn’t shake the thought of living the remainder of my short life here on this ‘bed’. I figured this is where I’d be tortured until I could take it no longer, and then be ordered to my execution by lethal injection while still laying here helpless. Isn’t that just a wonderful thought? I have even heard that they wanted a live broadcast of the execution of the gundam pilots, so that meant ‘Catch Duo live @ 10:00 P.M. Eastern/11:00 Central folks because he won’t be alive for long’. How sick is it that they could advertise one’s death anyways? Is that remotely sane? I thought not.


The OZ headcheese walked up to where I was laying and leaned forward so I couldn’t avoid his gaze even if I was trying. “ I can make this easy for you Duo, you just have to tell me what I need to know, and then you will have a quick and painless death.” The threat rolled of his tongue like snowflakes falling to the ground, so soft and gentle, I hardly believed it was real. Oh, but it was real. He stood there waiting as he figured I just might chicken out and spill the beans about Operation Meteor and all that jazz. Nuh uh, not Duo Maxwell. I held my ground and uttered not a word. He must have stood there a good twenty minutes because I got dizzy trying to fixate on the little hairs that stuck out of his forehead that I’m sure people like to call eyebrows, I wasn’t convinced, they had to be fake, no one’s eyebrows grow that weird. He waited, I studied, he waited more, I studied more, and he got sick of waiting and crawled onto the bed. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that it was a really big bed? I’d bet a really fat guy could fit on this no problem.


He crawled onto the bed and repeated his threat of my execution, yadda yadda yadda; I’ve heard it all before. However, this I hadn’t expected. He lay himself down beside me, cuddling me almost. He curled up his body against mine and leaned his head onto my chest. I found out he dies his hair. Nifty huh? Screw you! I thought it was kinda cool that Mr. Treize Khushrenada had black hair! Okay, I’ll admit, this was the weirdest sort of torture one can inflict on another human being, but I’m not exactly complaining here. He smelled good, looked great, and god only knew what he had in store for me, so if I were going to have a few last seconds of quiet before the storm, I would take it. Not that I could believe it mind you, he nuzzled his head under my chin, it tickled, and I only wished I could be sharing this comfortable embrace with another certain kamikaze gundam pilot. My thoughts drifted mindlessly as I remembered shooting him… oops… my bad, and a few other times we haphazardly spent together. Yeah I know it’s not ‘normal’ to be attracted to other guys, but I don’t really care, I’ve never had a ‘normal’ childhood. Being attracted to guys…. Oh yeah… there I was, being cuddled by Treize, and being the young cough stud I am, I got horny okay? I said it, I got horny. And then, he spoke.

“You’re probably wondering as to why I am doing this?” I had to reply to that one. “DUH” I nearly shouted, not realizing that my throat was a wee bit out of sorts after drifting around space unconsciously. He let out a small giggle. “Well, I have my ways to get you to speak.” My eyes flew open, really really fast. His hand that was on my stomach crept up underneath my shirt and he was playing with my… er… skin. Yeah, with the tips of his fingers, he was making little circles all over my chest. He was also breathing rather heavily; ya think maybe he enjoyed his job? He did his little circles for a couple of moments, and I believe he just got plain ole tired of thinking that he just may be grossing me out. Surprise Treize… male affection doesn’t bug me. Nice thought Duo. I started to suspect that he could read minds because he sat up with a queer look on his face (not queer as in gay, but queer as in really freakin’ weird). Nonchalantly, he untied the little straps at the front of my strange blue cotton ensemble one by one, slowly and watching my reaction the whole time. Oh yes Treize! The torture, the agony, please stop now… tch… yeah. Before I knew it, my chest was open to the world and he was back to lying against, but this time, his nose was right about level with my nipple. He grabbed my waist with one hand and swooped my torso closer to his own as he spooned closely to my side. His nose nudged my nipple a couple of times until he brought up his chin to lick it gently. I’m no nipple guy, but damn, that hit the spot. I was hardening in two seconds flat. I think he was waiting for that too because his eyes were downcast to my crotch, and it would be very easy to spot a wood in the loose cotton pants I was wearing.


I was so proud, I didn’t moan, groan, arch into the feeling, mumble, or beg. I just lay limp and let him play his twisted little games. I gathered by that time, his motive was to rape me, and he must like to gain the victim’s trust a little before taking their dignity away, perhaps it made him sleep better at night, or perhaps, he was just a gentle kind of guy. I almost concluded that he was a soft, touchy feely gentleman by the way he walked, talked, and just all around was, but I had to leave any real conclusions until the end, because a man can act when he wants answers. So I let him suckle and nibble at my nipple while he fondled the other one with a free hand. I must admit, the man is patient; he was stuck on that brand of foreplay for a good couple of minutes until my arousal was certainly straining against my pants. Yeah, it felt really good, and the attention was almost emotionally personal, maybe he was imagining I was an unrequited love, ya never know. This may sound strange, but I had almost hoped he’d get on with the rape if he were going to do it, because soon enough, I was going to be very willing, and once I was willing, it wouldn’t be rape now would it?


Next order of foreplay, he stuck his hand down my pants, not roughly, but excruciatingly slowly. The bugger didn’t even grab me; he played with my lower abdomen just above my throbbing muscle, doing the circle thing with my fuzzy pubic hair. I was flexing so hard it hurt, ‘lil Shinigami was bobbing back and forth, trying to cop a feel at Treize’s delicate fingers that were just teasing the life out of me. I had to do something and fast if I were to look too compliant, he just may take advantage of me. But isn’t that… ? Oh never mind. I began to chant a mantra in my head “Think un-sexy thoughts, think un-sexy thoughts…” over and over as images of Howard and G getting it on popped into my head. I cursed to myself… “Un-sexy thoughts moron, not disturbingly putrid!” I was pulled out of my disgusting state of mind when pressed his groin into my hip, demonstrating to me that he was quite aroused, and by the feel of his hardness, he was definitely a man. It was oddly a big turn on for me to know that he was feeling a little wanton for me, it’s not every day that I get into these situations. I let out a tiny groan, and that my friend was the breeze that blew the card castle down. As I was still groaning, he wrapped his fingers tightly around me and began to stroke at a snails pace. I wanted to scream. Did he really have to be so slow about it?


“If you tell me something, I’ll make this quick.” Oh yeah, like I was going to tell him anything. So he kept stroking, and I attempted to keep my body as still as possible under the circumstances, and that wasn’t going to well for me because I all but started to hump his hand as best as I could with these restraints. He smiled up at me with a gleam in his eye. “You’re very stubborn, almost as beautiful.” My body betrayed me yet again; remind me to fire its ass when I get out of here. I blushed, yes indeed, I get called beautiful and I blush, it’s a weakness… now if only Heero…


I felt my release coming, and I was praying to the lust gods that Treize wouldn’t realize it, but I was asking too much. He stopped what he was doing and took my ankles out of the bindings. Having my ankles pinned served no purpose anyways, it’s not like I could get far with my hands tied out to the sides, so I had to let him divulge me of my pants and underwear that I was not wearing. Just what is it that they do with their P.O.W. anyways? Sanitize them? I could still smell bleach or something of the sort off my skin. If they did use any method of sterilization, there was no residue left on my skin, for the moment my pants were gone, Treize was licking the tip of my dick with the very fine end of his tongue. Damn it felt good. I was twitching and spazming under his hot breathe on my most private area. I don’t feel ashamed, embarrassed, or even violated often, those feelings just seem trivial to me, and however I felt really dirty and morally uncomfortable with both Treize and myself. I didn’t like Treize being down there because I really didn’t like the guy or the fact that I didn’t know his motives behind his actions, and I felt ashamed of myself for enjoying it. I’d swear on a stack of bibles that I would never enjoy sexual relations if I wasn’t completely and fully willing to be a part of it, yet somehow, I wasn’t afraid, I wasn’t unwilling, heck I was wanting him to go further, I wanted him to fuck me, and oh yes, I was wanting that OZ special forces chief officers body to take mine in a most perverted way. I keep trying to justify that sick desire, I compare it to a man trapped and his capturer is someone who’s graceful, beautiful, amazing, and willing to pleasure you. It’s a sick psychological game more than physical… it has to be. If he were going to be evil about it, he could have just raped my ass hard and easy, roughly, non-caring, and emotionally scarring me for the rest of my life. But no, he was taking his time, he wanted me to enjoy this, he didn’t want me to be afraid of him, and to tell you the truth, that scared me more than anything else.


He was literally using my arousal as a Popsicle, licking up the sides to keep his saliva from dripping all the way to the bottom, never really fully sticking it into his mouth. He was playing with me, waiting until I had to beg for more touch. Lil Shinigami was so hard it was really hurting; I don’t think I’d ever been that hard or teased… well except that one time Heero… ugh I’m doing it again. He’s off-limits! Being so ready to screw anything naturally made my mind trace to my heart’s most profound desires no matter how I tried to fight it off. I could never get Heero no matter how hard I could try, so I just watch. My face twisted in erotic pain as he continued to flick me with his tongue, he grinned, “Are you going to tell me anything?” he purred and took me full into his mouth. “I can give you more if you will talk to me.” He slipped up and down on my shaft, I was ready to blow any second, if he were to do it one more time, and I’d be home free. Treize is a smart smart guy ya know? He brought his hand up and I felt a cool metal encircle my hardness and it slid all the way down to the base of my dick. Oh God I needed to cum, and now with a cockring, there was no chance in hell that I could. Shit. He was smart. He allowed me the liberty to test the my stamina and fuck his face considering that my legs were now unbound and I could give myself a little leverage on the situation, but to no avail, I got more frustrated and my need for release became the foremost thought in my skull. He licked his lips mockingly as I slumped my tense lower torso roughly onto the metallic slab.


“Do you still feel like being quiet? You know I will remove it if you tell me a little about Operation Meteor.” I nearly sobbed. This was torture. Did I say that he was smart? I think I did, and for good reason. Damn. I was caught between a rock and a hard place, literally. I wanted to spill my guts so fast… just so I could let go, so he could let me cum. But no, I was taught that no matter what, I have to keep the secrets, must keep the mission confidential, they can get all the data they want from Deathsythe’s cockpit hard drive. I’m sure they have specialist code crackers to get through the security… so why even bother with me? Oh yes… torture the pilot… there’s always mouth orders that are never recorded. Damn. I kept my resolve however. “Fuck you”, I mumbled through my clenched teeth. He wasn’t going to get the better of me, even though it was worse than beatings and lashings, submitting to one’s own lustful and animal desires. It’s shameful. “I think, my lovely boy, it will be the other way around.”


He began sucking on me again, it felt so good, I could feel the built up sensation in a tight ball just below that metal ring… if it would only move a centimetre. I was panting like a dog in the summer’s heat, I hadn’t noticed the sucking was a clever distraction to his lubricated fingers invading my lower orifice. It almost grossed me out at the thought until he pulled his mouth away from my throbbing desire and pressed a nimble finger against my prostate. I howled. Oh yes… I howled to the top of my lungs it felt so sensually pleasing, it made my innards wince at the sudden build up of pent discharge. I was ready to explode. He allowed me to recover, my heart resumed a normal pace for the given situation, and I was squirming against my restraints that were clasped tightly around my wrists. I wanted to save what little dignity I had left; I didn’t want to succumb to any more of his glorious torture. Pleading words were filling my mouth to the brim, I had to bite my lips to keep from begging him to fuck me and get it over with. Damn I really really had to cum.


“Treize…” I growled low in my throat. His eyes sparked and he climbed his way on top of me, brushing his unclothed erection against mine. Our lips crushed together in a wild display of animal magnetism that just couldn’t be described by mere words alone. His tongue probed mine passionately, and if I had been in a more suiting state of mine, I just may have bit it off, but I allowed him to stroke the roof of my mouth and suckle my tongue as he did with my cock as he drove his groin into my hip, I could still taste some of my presex discharge in his mouth, it should have grossed me out, but instead I lifted my ass of the bed and rocked slowly against his leg that was between mine. His hands massaged my sides as they worked their way down to my thrusting hips, he moaned suggestively into my mouth. “This is it,” I thought, “he’s gonna take me now”. However, to my most humble surprise, he didn’t just yet, he was forcibly taking my hips and grinding ourselves together in a strange mock intercourse, he nibbled my earlobe and licked my neck chastely. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that he was treasuring the experience. Oh but he did. He treasured to see me fight with myself… Did I want him to fuck me or didn’t I? That was the question. Particularly, I didn’t care, I just wanted to cum violently… however it was done was no longer a concern.


He swung his other leg in with the other one, and he poised himself at my eager opening. He leaned forward and brushed his lips by my ear one last time. “Are you sure you won’t tell me anything? This is your last warning.” I didn’t have to think much about it. I closed my eyes tight and let my body tremble, “Just fuck me….” I whispered shakily. He nodded, the smart guy he was, wasn’t going to refuse such a nice invitation now would he? That would completely throw the rape idea straight out the window. Duo Maxwell was submitting and he was willing. Soup’s on… come and get it! He hoisted my hips level to his own and teasingly prodded at me.