All For Your Convenience

“That’ll be $2.06,” I droned monotonously for the tenth time that evening. The smelly man bought another bag of cheddar and barbeque potato chips. Why does he have to come around every hour on the hour to buy another bag?

I work at the Quick Stop on the corner of Charlotte and Main, this is boring, as soon as the stinky man I’ve come to know as Joe left, I immersed myself into another good issue of Star magazine. If he comes in here one more time I’ll kick him out of the store… yes I will. Who am I kidding?

Every night is the same thing, folks come in to buy their smokes and drinks, they stop to flirt with me while I give them their change, and they leave. I’ve grown out my bangs so they can’t see my face; it’s better that way. Fifty-year-old women and perverted twenty-year-old men don’t harass me. Not that I mind the twenty-year-old men as much, it would be a sexual deviance or something that could possibly get me fired. Then again, not that I would mind NOT working here, its just that I desperately need money being a lowly high school student living with his collegiate sister.

“Hey babe!” An all too familiar voice rang its way into my store.

“How ya doin’ Max?” The kid was as bouncy as ever, he strolled into my store with a huge grin plastered all over his face and wasn’t ashamed to show it. “Who gave you the jelly?”

“Dude. You can tell?” He looked at me rather shocked. Max should know better by now considering that I’ve known the guy for a couple of years since he was shipped over to this part of the slums thanks to the wonderful Lasalle Government. We even dated for a little while, although, I wouldn’t call that dating. Considering we were two boys that had the same “preferences” and I’m not talking about my computer here, we decided to hook up just because we had no one else, or at least, no one that would admit it. Our relationship was like “fucking friends” that’s it.

“Shit, I’d have to be blind to not notice.”

“You know it wouldn’t be too far off with the massive bangs. God Troy, doesn’t that get in the way?”

I shook my head at him. If there was one thing that I held sacred, was my hair. Yes, that sounds very superficial of me but there’s method to my madness. One of life’s hard messages came to me very clearly this way. No one can see a black eye if your hair’s in the way. “Quit changing the subject. Who’s the guy?”

Maximillian Hershoff Joshepp Meanas, whom I called Max, leaned up against the ice cream cooler and hopped onto it effortlessly, one of these days he’s going to break it. “Actually, three guys. There was a new shipment in. These guys look really exotic…” he began to trail off with his eyes glassing over. For the first time this evening, I was generally intrigued.

“Max snap out of it. Spill.”

“They’re all staying at old Lady Unice’s place. As far as I know, they just moved in this morning and will be taking the same bus to school with us tomorrow. I said exotic earlier right? Well, two are Asian, and the other one is Arab.” Well my attention was certainly grabbed. Max and I, mostly Max, were just complaining about the lack of scenery in these slums.

“Did you catch any of their names?” Yeah, I tend to want to know the dull stuff… I’m stuffy.

“I was talking to, or well,” he put his hand behind his neck sheepishly “attempted to talk to Mutsu, so the Arab named Satya told me a little about Mutsu, Yian, and himself. They’re an interesting bunch… not to mention absolutely gorgeous!”

I nodded to him. I was glad at least he was interested, I of course was a little more difficult to convince, but that’s just the way I am. Max starting checking out the store as his daily ritual. He always made sure to point out what chips were on special like I wouldn’t know or something. Nice kid, but irritating, so I shooed him out.

I would like to say the evening was the least bit interesting, but it surely wasn’t. Stinky Joe came in about 3 more times before I started to close up at 10:00 for my 11:00 shut down. I was just slumming toward the back room to pull out the vacuum when He came in.

When I say He I mean He. No, it wasn’t God, but He could certainly have passed for it. His brown-black hair shone like the moon’s reflection onto the sea in our energy-saving fluorescent lighting, his eyes sparkled an amazing aqua-like hazel that it was reminiscent of the ocean depths. To say I was awestruck would be an understatement. I scarcely fumbled the vacuum handle when he walked through the door and gracefully scanned my store for the most bizarre items.

I must have stood there with my mouth hanging open for at least the whole ten minutes while he was looking for his stuff; I figured that he was certainly lost, probably new. There is often times where I meet customers for the first time because they don’t come around on my shifts, but this guy, Oh he, was NEW.

As I was oogling him, or his aura, whichever, I didn’t even notice him come to approach me. “Excuse me, but do you sell shower caps?”

Usually I am quiet, granted, however I am a pretty smart guy and know what to say and when to say it. You think I could think of anything? No, I stood there muted and dumb. “Dah…” Yes, the word “dah” left my lips.

He giggled, and what a sweet little giggle it was. Whether he thought I was just the village idiot that was taking care of the store while the actual employee was on break or if he thought I was some perv oogling his goodies I’ll never know, but he didn’t turn away. Score! “I know it’s weird but my hair is sensitive and I can’t let it get wet too often. I forgot my shower cap at the last place…” he babbled on about his difficulty in finding any shower caps while I stood there just looking at his lips form to every word. Sweet supple pouty lips that I would love to… ARGH! He was driving me virtually insane just by talking.

I had to snap out of my reverie and quick before I was forced to haul him into the back room and take away his innocence. I’m not an aggressive person but MY GOD! He was perking up every little hormone that fueled my sex drive. I was hornier than a kitty in heat. As my body finally decided to comply with my brain, I pointed to where we keep the shower caps, which were amazingly too far out of his reach. It wasn’t until I walked over to the rack and reached up grabbing the dusty old plastic bag did I realize how tiny he was. I’ll admit I am tall, but he was almost a foot shorter. ‘Easier to…’ my mind wandered.

The angel incarnate smiled enchantingly at me and continued his little trek through the store. Deciding to be the safest and smartest course of action, I strode in behind the front counter and picked up the phone to call Max, A.S.A.P.

“Yo!” he always answered the phone like that… no call display.

“Maximillian, come here at eleven sharp.” There was no need to discuss as to why I wanted him here. It was a part of our weird relationship. Considering the fact that I only call him Maximillian when I’m in the mood was hint number one. Hint number two isn’t so obvious; we often meet up when I close to relieve frustrations because I can’t exactly go home to do it. Although I’m sure my sister and all her weirdo friends wouldn’t mind knowing about my preferences, I just don’t need an audience listening at my door.

Tonight, I needed the release more than I can ever remember needing it. The guy was just so amazing that I nearly creamed myself when he plopped a package of latex gloves, Vaseline, his shower cap, and soap not on a rope. I figured he was the little Arabian dear that Max was jabbering about, and knowing that he lived in a house FULL of young men, those items were very suggestive.

My fingers shakily touched the keys on the cash register as he made small talk with me. I don’t even know if I responded to him because I was trying to concentrate on hitting the proper numbers.

I threw his things into one of our cheep ass bags. “Did you get everything you came for?” Mandatory up sale phrase, oh yes, it’s that perverted. I blushed just thinking about it after the words left my bite-swollen lips.

“No. But I can come back later.” Those little sea green-ish orbs twinkled and he left out the door while shooting me another to-die-for smile.

I had to roughly shut my lids so I could allow him to leave. If I had watched him go, I might have run after him and stole him away to some small recess of this store and put up the “closed” sign. ‘Save that for Max’ I had to convince myself that he was the only guy that could ever let me screw him so desperately and in such an inappropriate location. No disrespect for Max, but you gets to know a guy after a while and he’s into kinky things like that. The little Arab seemed to good for that kind of thing, if I ever would pursue some kind of relations with him, it would be very special and private.

The bells rang as the door closed, I sighed and looked at my watch. “Damn, 15 more minutes and I got shit all done.” Scurrying around at mach speeds, I finished the remainder of my work just in time to hear Max enter.

The door barely had time to close behind him as I pounced on him like a wildcat. My hands were traveling all over his thin, toned body as my mouth was taking his over with a force to be reckoned with. Oh yes, it’s what my body wanted, senseless erogenous fulfillment. I felt his body tense and relax as the tips of my fingers graced his lower rib cage and worked their way down to the waist of his jeans.

“Someone’s in a rush” he gasped out when my lips left his for a moment so I can pull him by the belt away from the door.

“You complaining?” I headed towards the ice cream coolers with him closely in tow.

“Which one?” He knew already that those boys would cause trouble. Since he had to ask, I had to wonder what the other two looked like.

Pulling his button and zipper open, I mumbled about Satya. He giggled and moaned as I sent one hand down the front of his pants. I kneaded his slowly growing arousal so he would be understanding of my predicament. Not once did our bodies lose contact as we were squirming between thrusting against each other and fighting for the upper hand on kissing. My tongue invaded his mouth and played with his upper pallet, we were grinding desperately, he was never difficult to convince.

Somewhere in the hurried passion, Max managed to whisper the boy’s name. “Satya” I repeated softly as I spun him around and he had placed his hands on the icy cold glass of the ice cream cooler. I grabbed his hips and ground my fully clothed and very hard manhood into his denim-clad ass. I didn’t care, it felt good to feel the friction the clothing caused, I didn’t even care if I came then and had a load of spunk in my pants. I simply wanted to feel something of relief that wasn’t my own hand…. My own hand is never good enough for something like this; I need to feel a body with me and bucking against me.

As much as I’m sure he was enjoying himself, Max slipped his hand into the front of his pants. “Troy… I need… I need…” I took the hint so I swatted his hand away and placed mine there instead. I pumped him with the same rhythm I was rocking myself against him.

Max bent over and separated his legs to gain better balance as I was thrusting my hardness even more quickly. I was contemplating just pulling down his pants and taking him fully but the door chime tinkled and then I was staring at those sea green pools once again.

Shit, I forgot to shut off the open sign. The regs know that I close at eleven, but the boy was not one of my regulars, and at this little scene, I was afraid he never would be. I closed my eyes and backed away from Max very slowly.

“Hi Max!” he chirped. “I just came in for some chips… please, don’t stop on my account.”

I nearly lost it. He looked straight into my eyes and winked. And I thought I was hard earlier? Now I was getting cramps! I honestly didn’t know how to react. The boy of my dreams was standing there and looking at me with my hand down my friend’s pants and doing something very naughty. I hoped Max would say something to ease the situation; he was always good with that kind of stuff.

“Hi Satya. You know… you could join us if you want to.” I face faulted! That’s the last thing I would have expected Max to say however Satya nodded.

“I wasn’t that hungry for chips anyways,” he gracefully glided his way over to us and gave me a sultry look. “I was hungry for something else.” He trailed a finger from my navel up to my chin. “Will you feed me?”

What could I say? I was getting what I wanted so I nodded through my lidded eyes and bent over so I could capture those lovely rosy lips with my own. His kiss was everything I had hoped it could be, soft yet searching with a hint of inexperience but with the yearning to be taught. Judging by the one little kiss, I figured he may have been a virgin, if not, he’s only run the bases once or twice. I strange feeling crawled up my spine and tickled the back of my neck like a foreign spice, I knew I’d have to cherish Satya, he’s not just some fuck.

As soon as the tingle disappeared, I pushed the petite Arab gently away from my body. It’s not like I didn’t want to ravage him right there, but I wanted whatever we could possibly have to be special. I looked pleadingly at Max who had seemed to walk away toward the door.

“You aren’t leaving are you Max?” Satya spoke for me.

“Naw! Just shutting the open sign off. We don’t want any more interruptions now do we?” A playful smile graced his full lips and he snaked an arm around Satya’s waist. By some chance, my braided friend had baked up a plan for the evening just by reading my body language toward the new boy. His violet eyes sparked with lusty desire while gripping Satya’s firm bottom with his unused hand. “I wanna have some fun tonight. How about you Troy?”