2 Hours

It's been two hours since we made love.

It's been two hours and you still insist to look so lovely.

It's been two hours and my heart hasn't stopped pounding in my chest.

It's been two hours and I still don't want to let you go so I can go to the bathroom.

It's been two hours since I've first started staring at your relaxed angelic slumbering face.

It's been two hours that I've blinked only 5 times just to keep my eyes wet.

Itís been two hours since weíve said goodnight.

Itís been two hours since my heart was no longer my own.

Itís been two hours that Iíve realized that Iím no longer alone.

Itís been a lifetime that Iíve been waiting to finally have for someone like you to enter my life, and to love me like no other has or ever could.

Itíll be four hours until we have to wake to fight yet another battle.

Itíll be for the rest of my life that Iíll be treasuring the sweet smell of tea that lingers on your breath when you kissed me for the first time.

Itíll take more than a hundred armies to ever pull me away from you.

Itíll be all too soon the day the war is over and I could show you just how much you mean to me.

Until thenÖ sweet dreams. Iíll have to leave in the morning, but I do wish to see you again. And I say all thisÖ for the record.