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We are friends

Even when we were lost, it was the two of us, close together.
Donít you know that Iíll be by your side when you feel that thereís no place to hide?
We are friends, arenít we?

I just want to skip today so that I can be with you tomorrowÖ

We are friends, arenít we?

Within, you will find most of all the things I have written, the things that have not been washed
away in the abyss of time.

These are, for the most part, unfinished works and have no intentions, at this time, in finishing them.

I have asked myself a billion and ones times, "why am I putting this stuff up?"

The answer is simple, if I "publish it, I won't forget it".

My writing history is long, and I often forget that it is a simple pleasure of mine.

Who knew that I have the heart of a writer yet the ambition of a pot headed teen!

In conjunction with my blog (@ xanga) and art gallery (@ DeviantArt), these works paint a clear picture of who I am, who I was, and who I will be. And although unimportant these things are to the masses; I am publishing them regardless. If anything seems remotely familiar, I have posted some of this under various names at various sites. My pseudonyms are/have been: NightCreatureThing, Nikitaku, CosmicButterfly, Hana Kireino, Dayna Cartwright, and RedUmbrella.

And really, I can't believe that I wrote some of this stuff. I really, really can't. Please, please, PLEASE read the NC-17 stuff at your own discretion. 

If you have any comments, questions, or complaints, feel free to email me at hana_kireino@hotmail.com.

Read on, Garth...

Anything prior to 2000 is on paper, and will take time to digitize. There are also short stories and other things lying around on floppy disks and whatnot that I need to find.

2000-2003 (in alphabetical order)

Original documents

Gundam Wing Fanfiction

Dragon Ball (Z/GT) Fanfiction
Snow made its great decent into the depths of the mossy mountains where it was known for lushious purple blossoms of unknown variations to grow. The snow snuffed the violet and mauve petals with a quieting caress of its icy white filaments gradually engulfing the whole bloom like a blanket.

2004+ (alphabetical order)