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Fushigi Yuugi Fanfiction Archive

Welcome to the Fushigi Yuugi Fanfiction Archive

Well, I've never seen this either, but I have heard about Miaka REALLY that much like Usagi? She...uh...sounds like it...and her friend looks like Haruka. Yui, isn't it, the perfect girl? Nice name...hehe (reminds me of Heero)., snapping out of this, I really would like to read the fanfics for the same reason as Eva. I want to know more about it, besides the fact that there's a guy pretending to be his sister. Okay, I'll shut up now before the Fushigi Yuugi fans get mad at me. None of the links work. So HA! I'm j/k, they'll be up as soon as fanfics are coming in...which will be NEVER...



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