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Ah! Megami-sama Fanfiction Archive

Okay. One page per day is good enough, right? Oh well, it's not like I have anything ELSE to do...after all...ahem...there's NO FANFICTION yet. But when there is, I'll already be in school, too bad for me. I'm just trying to get all the pages done before school starts. Then, I won't have so much work after school starts. Hmm...I might need to start setting up the alpha-order stuff. Only ONE WEEK!!! NOOOO! Well, that ends my summer of anime. ::sigh:: No more anime...::sigh:: Oh well, at least I can still watch SOME anime. They really need to put Ah! My Goddess on. It's good, so I'm fairly sure the fanfiction will be good...right, authors?


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