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Sun. 11/04/2012
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Just Another Anime Site
A work in progress since September 4th, 2000

Just Another Anime Site

Welcome to my anime and manga website. I have been an anime/manga and Japanese culture fan for over 10 years.
This website is not complete, and never will be, I add to it as I watch and read, and re-watch and re-read.
I hope I am able to offer something new to you in a world of much more prominent anime and manga websites.

If you have any questions or comments about anything on my site then please feel free to e-mail me (Please be sure to mention my website in the subject line). Sometimes I won't make any additions to this website for months on end, but I always check my e-mail. I hope you enjoy my website!

--- Anime & Manga I'm Currently Diggin' ---

Nothing currently...
- Acony by Kei Toume
- Black Rose Alice by Setona Mizushiro
- Kiss and Never Cry by Yayoi Ogawa
- Loveless by Yun Kouga
- Poison Princess by Mitsukazu Mihara