The Adventures of the Little Koala

Title screen Title screen

Japanese Title: Koala Boy Kokki
Made in: 1984
Nick Air Dates: 6/1/1987 - 4/2/1993 (weekdays at 12:30, so I've heard)
Number of Episodes: 26

Roobear and his family Roobear and his friends

The Adventures of the Little Koala was about a Koala named Roobear and all his friends and family. Roobear's mom and dad were Mommy and Papa, and he had a little sister named Laura. His friends were Floppy and Mimi (rabbits), Pamie and Nick (penguins), Betty (a koala), Walter (a kangaroo), (Duckbill a platypus), and Kiwi (a kiwi bird). This show was mainly about Roobear and his daily life and such. I assume that he also learned a life lesson in every episode, but I don't quite remember. The only thing about this show that I remember is that Roobear and his friends go to a museum and he gets his finger stuck in a vase (which I see now must be "The McGillicuddy Vase" episode). He doesn't tell anyone and when dinner time comes he can't eat (or else he might reveal the vase stuck on his hand). I just remember that this was a great show.

Laura (she's so cute!) I'm assuming this is Nick

Roobear surfing I think this is Floppy

Episode Titles
(sorry, but there's only 24 episodes listed here; I'm not sure if they're in any particular order)

The Old Clock Tower / Mingle Takes a Dive
A Broken Umbrella / Is Weather a Frog?
Lost in a Race / Ghost Ship
Balloon Pamie / The King of the Castle
Hang-Gliding with Roobear / The Mysterious Moa Bird
Love That Baby Moa! / Snow White & the Seven Koalas
Roobear's Invention / Papa on Stilts
Detective Roobear / The Dinosaur Egg
Treasure Hunt / Pamie Falls in Love
The Koala Butterfly / The Koala Bear Gang
Back to Nature / Roobear Saves the Day
Editor-in-Chief Roobear / Monster Scoop
The Biggest Jigsaw in the World / Who Will Be the Flower Queen?
Circus Day / Roobear the Babysitter
Papa Makes a Pie / The Amazing Boomerang
The Runaway Hat / Conquering Mt. Breadknife
Save the Eucalyptus / Mommy Can Fly
The McGillicuddy Vase / Heavenly Fireworks
Save that Junk / The Winner
A Hundred-Year-Old Camera / Nurse Pamie
Any Mail Today? / The Writing on the Wall
A Ride in a Spaceship / Is Mingle a Nuisance?
Allowance Problems / A Whale of a Ride
Laura Finds an Egg / Save the Butterflies

Nick with Pamie in the background