Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics

Title Screen

Japanese Title: Grimm Dowa
Made in: 1987
Nick Air Dates: 1989 - ?
Number of Episodes: 48

That cool fairy maiden from the opening

Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics were Japanese interpretations of the old Grimm's Fairy Tales. I remember that this was my favorite Nick show when I was little. When I read the real Grimm's fairy tales they were usually pretty sad and depressing. I wish I remembered what the show was like, but it couldn't have been very sad since I loved it so much.

Scene from some episode, also shown in opening

Episode Titles
I have the episode titles for season 1, but not for season 2.

Season 1 - Grimm's Masterpiece Theater
01. The Brementown Musicians
02. Hanzel and Gretel
03. The Frog Prince (part 1)
04. The Frog Prince (part 2)
05. Red-Riding Hood
06. The Golden Goose
07. Puss 'n Boots (part 1)
08. Puss 'n Boots (part 2)
09. Snow White and Rose Red
10. Snow White (part 1)
11. Snow White (part 2)
12. Snow White (part 3)
13. Snow White (part 4)
14. The Six Who Went Far
15. The Water of Life
16. Bluebeard
17. Jorinde and Joringel
18. Rose-Bud
19. Old Sultan
20. King Grizzle Beard
21. The Demon and the Great Demon King
22. The Shoes that Won't Stop Dancing
23. Cinderella (part 1)
24. Cinderella (part 2)

Season 2 - New Grimm's Masterpiece Theater
23 episodes

Another scene from some episode shown in the opening