Littl' Bits

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Japanese Title: Belfy to Lilibit
Made in: 1980
Nick Air Dates: 5/1/1991 - 4/30/1995
Number of Episodes: 26

The kids and their squirrel friend Some kids on the ice

The Littl' Bits was about little elf-like people that lived in a forest called the Foothill Forest. The main characters were Lillabit, Williebit, Snoozabit, Browniebit, Snagglebit, and Elderbit. I also loved this show when I was little. All I really remember is an episode about one of them falling into a frozen lake and one episode where one of the kids dad is digging a cave for the people of the village because some big earthquake or flood or something is going to hit. I also remember Lillabit's grandpa, Snoozabit. He was always drinking some stuff from a bottle and he seemed like a drunk to me, although he was the nice kind of drunk... This was a great show. Oh yeah, and I remember I always wanted to have a flying squirrel of my own that I could fly around on.

Old drunk Snoozabit Lillabit and Williebit on the squirrel!

Lillabit looking cute on the squirrel I don't remember what 'bit' this guy is...

Episode Titles

01.The Children's Festival
02. Doctor Snoozeabit
03. The Old Mill Stream
04. The Rainbow Firefly
05. Election Day
06. ScaryBit the Witch
07. ?
08. The Snow Woman
09. Save the Raccoon!
10. Madam Bella the Weaver
11. The Baby Bears
12. Looking at the Stars
13. Poor Old Helpabit
14. Storm Baby
15. The Mystical Monument
16. Help the Squirrel
17. The Legend Of Red Light
18. The Cowardly Colt
19. The Strange Egg
20. Let's Go to the Sea Pt 1
21. Let's Go to the Sea Pt 2
22. The Red Rainbow
23. Earthquake!
24. Forget-Me-Nots
25. The Wanderbits
26. Awful, Awful Days

Some of the kids running I don't know this 'bit' either...