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Welcome To The Anime Captions Page!

Welcome to the Anime Captions Page! Here we have a bunch of artworks collected from all over the internet, each with a funny caption attached. The works are sorted by series. Enjoy!

Want to submit your own picture and caption? Want to add a caption to an existing picture? Email us at! Just tell us the picture series and the number (for existing pictures) and attach the picture you'd like to see on this page with its caption (for new pictures)! Please, nothing too naughty!

Last updated: March 06, 2001 (Misc. Pictures, Tenchi Muyo!)
Recent updates: March 03, 2001 (Aa! Megamisama!)
February 23, 2001 (Aa! Megamisama!)

Neon Genesis Evangelion The Slayers Tenchi Muyo! Aa! Megamisama!
Misc. Pictures
Word to the wise: some of these are rather H
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