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Neon Genesis Evangelion Image Archive <---to the pics!!!

Here it is!! i have finally almost finished my eva image page. I was gonna have some other anime series' represented, but i ran out of room.

For right now, this is all Evangelion Character pages. I hope you enjoy looking at these pics as much as i enjoyed finding them and watching the series.

The last update to this page was 10/22/2000, and it will probrably be the last, until the companion page is done, but that will be more than just eva though. I hope you enjoy this site!


AND HERE IS THE LONG AWAITED LINK!!!! THe companion site to this one, it has other anime as well as some personal stuff

now for the legal disclaimer. All of the pictures are property of there prospective owners, if i have one of your pics, and you want it taken off of my page, feel free to e-mail me, and i will take it off in the next few days. I don't want to offend anyone or get accused of stealing someone's pics. Thank you for visiting my page, please come again.

This ASUKA STRIKES site is owned by A_Nightwalker.

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links i use

if it's anime, it's probably here. anipike
Dogpile metasearch engine
hotmail, it's where i go
A good Eva(mainly asuka) page that has character bios