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The DBZ Shrine

The DBZ Shrine
4-25 Ok ok ok! I can tell from the attendance drop that I need to update things in my site. I've been awfully busy lately with my real life, but I pledge to all the people that I told I would and that have loyally waited for me. This Saturday, I will update my site, adding about a whole new picture page to some, and a few more pics to others. I might even update my music video section if your lucky ;) Well, gotta go, sorry for such a long wait.

2-22 Hey. I guess it did reset (stupid me). Please bring in your comments at free will. I have had one or two bad ones but most of them have been good. And I know I need to add more pictures, it's just really time consuming. But when I do it, I'll be sure to add a whole new page on each. Don't ask me when. Questions, comments? E-mail me.

1/25-Hello again. WELL, I guess people don't want to tell me if dbz's changed in their time zone, because I didn't get ONE e-mail. O well, please take a second to e-mail me if you can. If you like my site, tell me. If there's something you'd like to see that is possible to put on my site tell me. Be sure to tell your friends and such that search for dbz sites about my site, because I want this site to grow, and in order for that to happen, I have to have support from people that like my site. ANYWAY, the reason I'm writing is for all the people on 800x600 size veiwing screens. If you don't know what that is, click on the little computer on the task bar, or go to my computer, control panel, then display, then click on settings. It should show you what size of pixel setting your on. I NEED to know how my site looks to you guys, if there's a large horizontel scrolling bar (left to right) that makes my page not that great, because that detracts from the effect I'm trying to have. Please e-mail me. This is important to you and all others who view this site. Well, I think I've written enough.

1/16-Whats up with Cartoon Network. Did DBZ go back to past episodes in your guys's timezones? It went clear from the end of the Cell saga to the point right before the mechanical Freiza came. What a jip! E-mail me and tell me if it happened in your time zone, or if it didn't, so I know if I'm not or am alone. Thanks for coming to my site, I promise I'll update it more now. I'll get on finding more Vegeta and Goten pictures. And I'll soon add a Brolly page, though at the moment it's not that big. Well, I gotta get going. Peace out.

1/14-Few! I got my new site in! For those of you who waited, thanks. I know I probably should have been more on task with this new look, but hey, it's here! Be sure to check out everything, because there is a whole lot to check out, if you take a look. Be sure to see my Free Web Site. If you want to join my web ring, as you can see what it is to the bottom left of the page, click Here. E-mail me if you have any questions! Just to let you know, this site looks alot better on a larger size screen.Thank you for visiting!


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