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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to ASVJ - a website about three Edmonton girls adventures at Aka Kon 2000- Western Canada's Largest Anime Convention. This was our very first, but assuredly not last, convention and we were very excited to attend. We came to have fun and we got it in spades with laughs around every corner. So this is our story of fun and chaos at Aka Kon. Read at your own risk. ASVJ takes no responsibility for the busted guts, broken ribs, or any other injury that may result from laughing so hard you fall off your chair. With that being said you can either go look at the diary which is a detailed account of our time spent in good ol' Vancouver, or if you are just here for the pictures....

Vicky -- What! You're not going to read about us? **looks hurt**

Joni -- Hey yeah! What's up with that? Are we not funny? Are we not Interesting? How come you don't want to read about us?

Visitors -- **Sweatdrops**

Shalon -- Hey you two stop harassing the visitors. Now as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted **glares at Vicky and Joni** You can find the pictures here! Well, enjoy browsing around and we hope to see you all at next years convention.

SVJ -- Bye!!!!!

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