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Hello and welcome to Abyssinian at! Thanks for coming. This site is entirely dedicated to Fujimiya Aya of Weiß Kreuz. Aya is my favorite of the Weiß boys (duh). I dunno why, but I gotta thing for guys with swords. ^_^; They're just so cool! Please support this site by linking it using the banner you see at the left under the menu. (A text link is cool, too.) Put your cursor over the banner to get the info on how to link it (but I assume you know HTML). Arigatou! Well, let's cut the chit-chat and get to the main umm... stuff. Enjoy!

Home: The main page. You are here!
Profile: Info on everybody's favorite florist and a little about his seiyuu, Koyasu Takehito-sama. Caution: Spoilers abound!
Images: Aya, Aya, and more Aya! (And Koyasu Takehito too!) This section contains many images of the Abyssinian and a few of Koyasu Takehito.
Downloads: Just your typical downloads section. Includes desktop goodies, wavs, MP3s, and any other Aya-related multimedia.
Links: Just like the title suggests, this page has links to other Aya and Weiß Kreuz sites. (Also has links to my other sites)
Email: Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you may have regarding this site. Find a broken link? Please notify me! I love to read feedback, but please put a subject in the mail, such as Abyssinian or something. If you don't, I might delete the mail thinking it's spam.

Last Updated 2002.01.08
Happy Late new Year, everyone! I updated the downloads page. It shouldn't say "No off-site linking" or whatever anymore. =)

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