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  • This page is for all Slayers fans, wheather they like Xelloss and Filia together or not. Slayers 4 ever!

  • Everything is for the taking except for buttons, fanart, anf Fanfiction. (Please consult author or artist about that).

  • I you enjoyed the site, or want it to grow more, sign the g-book, I usually get inspired when I see that I'm not wasting my time on this webpage for my health.

  • Please Enjoy!


    Latest update: April 10, 2002 - By Meioh.
    Latest Update: June 25, 2001 - By Miracle. (Just layout. I do not run this webpage!)

    Xelloss and Firia fans
    been here since
    June 11, 2000

    I do not own Xelloss nor Filia- nor Slayers! I beg you not to sue me!

    Xelloss/Firia fanclub!