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~~~Sew On And Sew Forth~~~

Any thing you can dream up is possible! (I guess!)

I have been sewing for over 40 years and work for a dance school and a re-enactment group periodically. I give price estimates up front. Most products I make cost between $100 and $150 with the exceptions of mascots which run slightly above $200 but they are all made to last. Not everyone is made like a normal pattern so I will work with you to get a good fit. I must be paid in full before I begin the project. Make sure you give me the time I need to make your order! Aim for one month or more before the date you need it. Pictures of my work will be coming soon! A measurement guide will be added soon to help with ordering. Thank you for visiting my site. Come back soon!

My biggest clients are listed below and their costume pictures coming soon!

The Super Moron Heros?
Pictures Developing...So just more SMH.