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Kento of Hardrock

Kento is the strongest of the Ronin Warriors. Possessor of the most brute strength in the Ronin Warriors, Kento is also possessor of the biggest appetite. His armor is linked to the Earth which makes him incredibly powerful wherever he travels. In his Hardrock armor, Kento draws upon the element of earth, which is spiritually linked to him through the virtue of justice. His armor seems to be at maximum power in mountains and deserts. Kento's powers are few but each is incredibly strong. First there is his massive strength. His weapon a three section staff has a good reach and is handled quite well by Kento. His special attack "IRON ROCK CRUSHER!" causes a massive stretch of ground in front of him to rip apart destroying anything on it or above it as well as the ground itself. Kento's staff is blade tipped and has the ability to split into three sections. Aside from his natural fighting skills and armor Kento possess no other abilities. While Kento is the strongest of the Ronin he is also the most weak minded. He is quick to charge into battle. Kento often rushes ahead of the other Ronin Warriors to get in the first attack. He is also easily tricked by illusions and easily confused. It is best to play mind games with Kento before engaging him head on. Kento's family is the richest out of all the Ronin, they own their own Restaurant and pay for most of the Ronin's expenses.

NAME: Kento Lei Fan(EV), Shu Lei Fan(JV).
AGE: 14 (TV series), 16 (Gaiden), 17 (Kikoutei and Message)
HAIR: Black/Blue/Grey
EYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 5'4" (TV series), 5'7" (Message)
WEIGHT: 137lbs (TV series and Message)
BIRTHDATE: September 1 1973
BIRTHPLACE: Kanagawa (Yokohama)
FAVORITE SPORT: Judo, Kunfu, Rugby
INTERESTS: Eating, the arm wrestling machine at the arcade game center, mountain climbing, Tai Chi Gen.
DISLIKES: Devil's tongue and swallow's nest. (Food. Sweat drop.)
POWER UP: Armor of Hardrock Tao Gi!, (EV) Armor of the Stone!(JV)
ARMOR: Hardrock(EV), Stone(JV)
ARMOR COLOR: Orange and Brown.
WEAPON: Naginata
TRAIT: Justice.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Iron Rock Crusher.
QUOTE: "Alright! Now you're talkin' my kinda action."
CLAIM TO FAME: Physically the strongest of the Ronin Warriors.
Uncle: Chin, owner of a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, Yokohama. It is now a chain restaurant. Also knows kunfu.
Mother: Master of Chinese kunfu and has taught Kento since he was young.
Rinfi: sister, three years younger than Kento, stubborn and realist.
Yun: younger brother five years younger than Kento, cute.
Mei Ryu: younger brother eight years younger than Kento, mischievious.
Chun Fa: younger sister eleven years younger than Kento.
Grandfather: actually the leader of the clan that Kento’s family is part of. Kento will probably take over when he resigns.

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