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Warnings: this page is FULL of images, so if you have a slow connection, or a 28K modem, you may reconsider entering. ^.^;
Plus, parts of this site refuse to work in NETSCAPE. For best results, please view with Internet Explorer at maximized size. (<-- we're currently working on a solution to this problem, and fixing what we can with additional link buttons.)
Also, this site contains some yaoi/shonen ai. That means boyXboy. Anime gay stuff. This is mostly in the fanfiction, but also a couple yaoi galleries. All are clearly marked. Now, we're not foolish enough to put up an age restriction, since we know that a lot of people ignore those anyway. Thus, we ask you to be mature about your decision, and use your own descretion upon entering. If you're not interested in reading/seeing/hearing about such stuff, then please avoid all yaoi-coded pages. Oh yeah... and enjoy the rest of the site!! ^_~
Thanks for visiting, and please come again~! ^_^

-- Amiko and Tora, webhosstesses