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Distel's DragonBall Z/GT Fanfiction Page.

Hello and welcome to my DragonBall Z/GT Fanfiction Page.My name is Distel and I am the Webmistress of this DragonBall Z/GT Fanfiction Page.Thank you for taking your time to visit my page!For those of you who have just stumbled across my page and are wondering what Fanfiction is,it's stories written by the fans based on their favorite show.These stories can contain characters out of their imagination or characters from the show.If you would like to email me at with any comments,problems,or anything please do.Just to let you know I have my Fanfictions split into two sections:The Epics and The Short Stories Section!Enjoy!:)

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March 2, 2002.Hey everyone!It's me,Distel!I have made my decision!I will be switching back to Angelfire!Gurlpages just didn't give me as many advantages at having a well designed page as Angelfire did.It'll take me at least a couple of days to move everything to Angelfire,I also apologize for any inconviences!That's all for now!