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The Disclaimer Page.

Since I didn't want to clutter my pages with all my Warnings and Dislcaimers,I decided to do just one whole page with all my Warnings and Disclaimers alike.

WARNING:Before you begin reading my Fanfics I will warn you that I am not as talented as many of the other Fanfiction Authors on the Internet (And I can name many!).Second of all I do not write Lemon/hentai Fanfics,sorry to disapoint you but there are mnay other great Lemon Sites out there.I have great respect for those who do write Lemons though,but for personal reasons you won't find any lemons here.

DISCLAIMER:I did not create any of the charcters off of DragonBall Z or GT nor did I ask for permission to use them.I am not making any money off of any of these Fanfics.These Fanfics are for the sole enjoment of all the fans of DragonBall Z and GT Fanfiction (Got tongue tied there!:P).DragonBall Z and GT are copyrighted by Akira Toryiama,Bird Studios,TOEI Animation,FUJI TV,Shueisha,Nippon Clombia,and many others who I am unable to name.

DISCLAIMER:These Fanfics were written by me during my precious time and cannot be linked to anyone's page without my permission.The many Characters that were created out of my imagination also belong to me and cannot be used without my consent.Also all my Fanfics were my origional ideas,and I would not like to have my ideas stolen.

DISCLAIMER:If any of my Fanfics have the same title as yours does please notify me,and I will change them at once,(but show me proof first,just to be sure.)Also there are too many Fanfics on the Internet to keep track of,so please forgive me if I make any mistakes.

You can email me to tell me if you liked or hated my stories.Any encouraging/complimenting emails are greatly aprreciated,and any emails telling me that I stink at writing can be understood.