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The Chat Room.

Hello!This is my Chat Room as the Title says.I basically got this ChatRoom because many sites have Chat Rooms in which Dragon Ball Z and GT fans can communicate.A few more reasons I got this Chat Room was because I feel my site is a little boring and I thought by maybe adding a ChatRoom it would be a little more interesting and plus I love talking whether it's on the phone or the computer.My friend also gave me this idea so Thank You,you know who you are!She also recommended this Chat Room provider.It's really awesome if you ask me.After I considered getting a Chat Room,I saw many demos and to tell you the truth,I wasn't really pleased with any of them.Every time you basically clicked,all these adds would pop up,to me,that was so aggravating!The only real problem with this Chat Room is:it goes really fast but other than that it's really cool!Well anyway enjoy the Chat Room!