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This is the Questions page.This is where I answer all the Questions that have been sent to me by people.If youhave any questions,that pretain to this site or Dragon Ball Z/GT FanFiction in general, the please e-mail me at Please do not e-mail me asking me when Dragon Ball GT,or anything such as that,will be coming out.Like you,I have no idea.Onto the Questions!

    Question)Why don't you have any pictures of the DBZ/GT Gang on your Fanfiction Page?
  1. Answer)This is just a FanFiction page not one of those Super Fan sites with pictures,clips,information,ect.I just want to keep it simple.Another reason why I don't have any pictures is because there is so much thievery on the internet.Many people steal other people's,hard earned, work/pictures.I don't want people constantly e-mailing me or demeaning me on their sites because they think I stole their work/stuff.

    Question)Do you delete any e-mails or messages in your Guestbook from people whom send you cruel messages dissing you?
  1. Answer)Yes I do.I believe that you should only have positiveness around you.Why keep messages that curse you out and such?That only brings you down rather than helping to boost your self esteem.People are also entitled to their opinions whether they decide to keep their opinions to themselves or state their opinions out loud.You'll always have people whom hate you,there's nothing you can do about it though.If you've visited Dragon Bll Z/GT FanSites,or Information Sites sometimes you'll see mailbags.Owners of those sites keep mailbags for people whom e-mail the owners dissing them.The Owner will then post the e-mail of the person whom dissed the owner and will post a public reply to the disser.That's a mailbag.I,however,don't do that.I don't even bother replying to people whom send me flames,hatemail,whatever they're called.I simply delete the e-mail.I have more class than to battle back and forth with someone whom sends me his or her honest opinion.

    Question)Why don't you do any Fan Art?
  1. Answer)There's one simple answer to that,I simply can't draw!

    Question)Do you like writing Dragon Ball Z/GT FanFiction?
  1. Answer)Honestly,I really enjoy writing FanFiction.It's the only time you'll ever catch me writing,LOL!School research papers and essays can mentally scare someone,I'm sure we can all agree on that one.Sure I'm not a famous FanFic writer like B-chan or the countless others,but as long as I enjoy what I write,and as long as others enjoy what I write,then I'm satisfied.

    Question)What's your opion on the Pan-Marron Conflict?
  1. Answer)As far as that subject is concerned,I'm sitting on the nuetral line.I'd rather picture Pan and Marron as close friends rather than as enemies battling over two groups of people with seperate/personal opinions over who gets Trunks.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask me,then please feel free to send them to me.I'd be more than happy to answer them,as long as they're appropriate and pretain to anything concerning Dragon Ball Z/GT or this website in general.Please do not ask me any personal questions,they will not be answered.