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About Myself.

This page is all about myself.Now you can find out a little about the person who writes all these crazy stories!

My Name:I'm not going to discuss my real name,but I'll give you a little information on my Pen name,Distel.One day I was sitting in my Math Class,bored as usual,when I began thinking of names when the name Distel popped into my head.I thought it sounded weird yet kind of cool so I chose that name as my Pen Name.

Grades:As far as school goes,I'm not a genius and you'll never ever see my name on the the Honor Roll.I get A's,B's,and C's,so I get by.My easiest subject is advanced science,while my hardest subject is advanced english and I hate math with a passion!

Age:I'm younger than most FanFiction writers on the Net.I'm 14 years old.I will be turning 15 this May.

Favorite Show:It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure that out that one of my favorite shows is "Dragon Ball Z/GT"!I didn't start watching the show until two years ago.I met my friend,Lisa, about that time and she helped me into my wild state of Dragon Ball Z/GT obcession!I also enjoy watching "Friends","That 70's Show",and much more!

Favorite Dragon Ball Z/GT Characters:I would have to say Trunks,Goten,Pan,Bra,Marron and #18 are my favorite characters.However,I like many of the other characters,such as Gohan and Vegeta.

Looks:I have brown hair and brown eyes.I'm no blond haired,blue eyed beauty,sadly :( and am of Spanish Descent.

Talents:I have no real talents to tell you the truth.I'm not very talented when it comes to sports.I can sing better than most people,but I cannot draw to save my life!That is why none of my drawings grace this site!

Sports I play:I play Soccer and I Cheerlead.That's as sporty as I get.

Favorite Foods:I enjoy eating junky food,basically anything that is unhealthy,but I do enjoy the occasional salad.

Hobbies:I enjoy listening to music,anything that I can dance to,but I absolutely loathe Country!.Talking is one of my favorite hobbies,once I get started it's hard for me to stop!I'm not much of a nature girl,and I could never ever go camping.I'm Spanish/Latina,so I love to party!

That's all for now!If I think of anything else,then I'll be sure to put it up here.