Gundam Pilots' Explosive Music


White Reflection

This song is the theme song found in the movie Endless Waltz

White Reflection(another version)

This midi is a more upbeat version of White Reflection.

Just Communication

This version is played mostly what sounds like wind instruments. This is the theme song. You know.
The song that's played when they roll the credits?!

Just Communication 2

This version's main instrument is the piano, and other instruments playing.

Just Communication 3

This version is really cool, and upbeat.

Just Communication 4

This version is also upbeatish! ^_~

Just Communication 5

This version really sounds...technoish! ^^

Just Communication 7

This version is slightly technoish. Not as much as the other one.

Rhythm Emotion

This song is played during some of the shows.

Rhythm Emotion (another version)

This song is played with only the piano.

Wings of the Boy Who Killed Innocence

This song is Heero's Theme song.

The Winner

Flying in the Sky

Last Impression

Ending Song

Silent Voice


Battle Music

This battle music was when Heero blew up a Libra.

Quatre and Trowa's musical duet

This was when Quatre played his violin and Trowa joined in with the flute. And mysterious drums in the background! ^^

Rhythm Emotion

This is the Japanese version of Rhythm Emotion with the singers. It's only a verse long, but it's cool.

Wings of the Boy Who Killed innocence

Mission Accomplished

This is background music that happens whenever something exciting happens on the show.

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