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Mirei: I have abandoned this site... *sorry guys*!
*everyone brings out packed bags*
Sasami: yep! that's because we're moving!
Usagi: huh?? moving?? where? WHERE!?
Mirei: This is very important! I am making a whole new site with more space and such. it's called:

Anime Vault

Duo: Are you keeping us all in a bank or something?
Mirei: No...I know i haven't been working on this site for a long time. but go there. it's MUCH better! oh, and my email changed. it's now"> so feel free to send me email. well, see ya there!!

As much as I would really like to, I don't own Gundam Wing characters! So, don't try to sue me!! But if you do sue me, I'll tell everyone about that Relena poster next to your bed!


Scary Things





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