Starts off in 10-year-old Duo's house. Duo's coming home from school and finds out a startling surprise.

Duo: ( Walking in the door) Hi mom, bye mom got to go.

Duo's mom: Where do you think your going?

Duo: Uh...over... to...Trowa's.

Duo's mom: Oh no you don't. I've already scheduled a play date for you.

Duo: WHAT! With who?

Duo's mom: With that nice Arab boy, Quatre.

Duo: But I already told Trowa I would come over to fight his new Heavyarms Custom model with my new Deathscythe Hell Custom.

Duo's mom: I know I canceled it. Besides Quatre likes those models too.

Duo: (mumbling under his breath) Yah all he's got is that wimpy Sandrock.

*Ding Dong*

Duo's mom: That must be him know. Duo?... uh...Duo.

Duo: (Walking up the stairs) Well I'll make some good out of this.

Duo's mom: ( Opens the door) Hi Quatre ( Duo's mom smiles really big and creepy, Quatre hides behind his dad.)

Quatre's dad: Quatre is just a little shy.

Quatre: H...hi Mrs. Maxwell.



Quatre's dad: I'll just leave Quatre here. Bye Quatre.

Quatre: But daaaaaad don't leave me... *Slam* (Quatre moans. Duo walks downstairs with his hand behind his back.)

Duo: Hey Quatre.

Quatre: H...hi Duo. What do you have behind your back?

Duo: Oh nothing. Well actually I do but I'll show you out back.

Quatre: Okay.

Duo: OK, lets go. (The boys go out back and Duo takes his hands from behind his back to reveal a bag of balloons.)

Quatre: Oh, balloons. I like balloons.

Duo: Good, because were going to play a little game.

Quatre: I like games too. What are going to play?

Duo: Oh just a little game I call Watre.

Quatre: I've never played that game.

Duo: All you have to do is stand up against the fence.

Quatre: Okay. (Quatre stands against the fence while Duo fills up the balloons with water.) What are going to do with those.

Duo: Oh nothing. ( Duo throws all the balloons at Quatre while Quatre closes his eyes and gives a high pitch shrill.)

Quatre: (Opens his eyes) Hey that was neat Duo, you made an outline of me.

Duo: WHAT! I missed every shot.

Quatre: You're a great artist Duo.

Duo: Come on Quatre, we're going inside.

Quatre: But I want to do one of you.

Duo: I'm out of balloons, Come on.

Quatre: No your not I saw... ( Quatre was cut off by Duo, who took his arm and pulled him inside.)

Duo's mom: Hi boys, you want any lunch?

Duo: OK, what are we having.

Duo's mom: Let's ask Quatre. What do you want Quatre?

Quatre: Lets see, how about a twelve course gormet meal with a turkey and a ham with a bottle of your finest sparkling cider some dumplings and raspberry sauce, and for desert a slice of chocolate cake with a whipped cream topping.

Duo's mom: Okay, how about a hot dog with some root beer with chips and applesauce and you guys can have a popscicle afterward.

Quatre: Okay, I guess.( The boys eat their lunch and leave the table.)

Duo: Lets watch some T.V.

Quatre: I brought my Sandrock model. We can have him and Deathscythe Hell Custom fly around and cure diseases and save people and stuff.

Duo: Nah, but I've got a better idea. ( Duo gets a big grin on his face.)

Quatre: W...what's that Duo?

Duo: We'll go to the attic.

Quatre: The attic? Has anyone been to the attic.

Duo: Oh yah, my mom goes up there to clean.

Quatre: O...okay. ( They do to the attic and search around.) Wow it's dark in here.

Duo: Yah I know, cool huh.

Quatre: Yah I guess. ( Quatre picks up a large book and blows dust off of it.) Hey, I thought your mom cleaned this place. Hey, what is this book?

Duo: I don't know, lets check it out.

Quatre: Looks like a photo album. ( They open it to find a braided hair man standing next to a man with a large nose and hair that looks like an umbrella.)

Duo: That looks like my dad and a mobile suit behind him.

Quatre: We have a picture like that but with my dad and a different man and a different mobile suit. Sorry that your dad died.

Duo: What do you mean? My dad's not dead, he's at work.

Quatre: Oh, well it kinda seemed like he was with your tone and look and all. Hey, I what time is it?

Duo: Uh...2:52

Quatre: My dads going to be here soon. *Ding dong* That must be him now. ( Quatre and Duo walk downstairs to find Quatre's dad.)

Duo's mom: Bye Quatre, bye Mr. Winner. Duo say goodbye.

Duo: Huh...bye Quatre.

Duo's mom: Well, we better get planning.

Duo: Planning? For what?

Duo's mom: The sleepover of course.

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