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Slayers Nova

Slayers Nova (Full Version)
Slayers Nova (Lite Version)
Hints to help you survive this difficult game!
Screenshots from Slayers Nova
Screenshots from the Minigames

Installation Instructions

1. If you haven't already, download and install RPGMaker 2000 into the standard directory. I used version 5 for the creation of the game, but it shouldn't matter which version you use.

2. Download the RTP for RPGMaker and install it. I used RTP 1.0.

3. Download the zip file for the game by clicking on the link above. Extract it into your C:\ drive. It should create the folders automatically. If it doesn't install into the correct directory for any reason, it should be in the Projects folder under Anime (Lite Version) or something similar.

4. Play! Click on the RPG_RT.exe icon. Enjoy!

Differences between Lite and Full versions:

-Size is a huge difference. The Full version is about 187.7 MB (zipped) and the Lite version is about 10.62 MB (zipped).

-Music is another difference. The Full version has over half the songs in wav format as opposed to midi which is used in the Lite version. Also, some songs had to be changed in the Lite version due to lack of a midi file.

-FMVs. The full version has many fmvs. However, many of these have not been worked into the game yet. It also has a room in which you can view them all. The lite version has an FMV in the beginning and another really short one.

I am aware that this game is difficult. I have actually gone back and made it A LOT easier, but bear in mind that I did this on purpose. It's supposed to be challenging. I was shooting for a difficulty level of Final Fantasy 4 or so. If you're having difficulty, please read the FAQ as it will probably help, email me, or post a note on the Message Board.

I'd like to mention a couple of people who have helped me with the creation of this game. Brad has been a tremendous help on the story, dialogue, and such. Andrew has also helped with the maps and battle animations (Mostly the summons). Thanks to Squeeks who came up with the awesome name for the game after a year and a quarter long period during which the game had no name. And obviously the creators of such wonderful anime as Slayers and the other series which are present. Thanks so much! If I missed anyone, sorry! I'll put you up soon if you remind me! Thanks again!