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11/29/05 - This update makes three, Updated Synopsis for General Protection Fauly, Renamed Puffy Cloud to Bottle Rocket Chronicles and Updated Synopsis, Added The Adventures of Vindibudd: Superhero For Hire to Semi, Added A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible to Dead, Added Antihero For Hire to Mon/Wed/Fri, Added Butternutsquash to Semi, Added The Circle Weave to Semi, Added HOUSD to Daily, Added Movie Comics to Dead, Moved Campus Safari to Hiatus from Semi, Moved Checkerboard Nightmare to Semi from Hiatus, Moved Chopping Block to Hiatus from Semi, Moved Hunter's Key to Semi from Hiatus, Moved Instant Classic to Mon/Wed/Fri from Semi, Moved Jaxxon's 11 to Hiatus from Semi, Moved Life on Forbez toSemi from Hiatus, Moved Please Rewind to Hiatus from Mon-Fri, and Removed Melonpool from Sat/Sun.

11/14/05 - Two updates in the same month! Updated Synopsis for Kevin and Kell, Updated Synopsis for Penny Arcade, Added Platinum Grit to Semi, Added Nothing Nice to Say to Mon/Wed/Fri, Added Natch Evil to Mon/Wed/Fri, Added Friendly HOSTILITY to Mon/Wed/Fri, Added Punks and Nerds to Mon/Wed/Fri, Added Casey and Andy to Mon/Wed/ Fri, Added Please Rewind to Mon-Fri, Moved UC to Semi from Mon/Wed/Fri, Moved Instant Classic to Semi from Mon/Wed/Fri, Moved Down to Earth to Mon/Tue/Thur from Semi, Moved Geek Salad to Tue/Thur from Semi, Moved Role of the Die to Semi from Hiatus, Moved Checkerboard Nightmare to Hiatus from Mon/Wed/Fri, and Removed Road Waffles from Sat/Sun.

11/05/05 - Updated Synopsis for Superosity, Updated Synopsis for Sinfest, Added Wapsi Square to Mon-Fri, Added Shinkutokimekisempukaku to Dead, Added Theater Hopper to Mon/Wed/Fri, Added Skirting Danger to Hiatus, Added Sam and Fuzzy to Mon/Wed/Fri, Added Blue Crash Kit to Daily, Added Scary-Go-Round to Mon-Fri, Removed Wandering Ones from Wed, Added Jack to Tue/Thur, Added WIGU to Tue/Thur, Moved Kagai Swordscat to Semi from Mon-Fri, Moved Ghost 2138 to Hiatus from Semi, Moved Incubus to Hiatus from Semi, Moved Odd Jobs to Hiatus from Semi, and Moved El Goonish Shivae:Newspaper to Semi from Tue/Thur/Sat.

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