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News & Updates

Posted By: Vegeance 2/10/01
Well, someone contacted me about staff positions. Amazing! Hes gonna take over the site. I really have no intrest in wokring on this site anymore. I wish luck to the new dude. Good bye site *waves* O one more thing. New email and new name - and Vegeance =)

Posted By: Vegetto3k 2/10/01
First off. I put a new forum up. You can check it out under the forum link on the left sidbar. Also STAFF NEEDED! Email me at oh and one more thing im worken on some saga summaries and once i start getting some hits ill look for a new host. Thats it for now. Expect an update about once a week. :)

Posted By: Vegetto3k 2/05/01
What up? Anyways as you may have noticed I am putting a new background up. I think the colors are way better. It will take me a day or two to go through every page and change the background. So if you hit a page with the old one don't worry they will all be find soon. Also I really really need some staff. Come on people, email me at

Posted By: 12thVegetto 1/31/01
Well suprise suprise. Exams are over. Even though I said I was done with the site I keep getting emails for links, affiliates ect. So I have decided to work on the site some more. I am look for a new host. I think im going to move to hypermart so I can use SSI. I am looking for staff! I am not gonna do all the HTML by myself again. It was a huge task and I need staff really bad. Anyone who wants to join in the fun of working on a DBZ site. Email me at

Posted By: 12thVegetto 12/27/00
Jeez I have been busy. Well Mechwarrior 4 came out and I have been playing that like crazy. School has also been taking up a ton of time and exams are right around the corner. Sorry for the great lack of updates. But not many updates will be coming from me anymore. This site is just not on my list of priorities. There are so many big DBZ sites out there. I see no point in trying to keep up with them. I have a lack of staff and lack of time. It was fun while it lasted. I will be keeping the site up but dont expect any updates. Good bye and enjoy whats here. :)

Posted By: Mr. T 11/05/00
T here, not long to chat. But yes, I am still here. That blasted play has been eating up my time. I will return though. And with the Cell Saga I might add. Oh, by the way, I updated the hmor section. Yes, it was severely out dated, so I hope this one is just as good. Also, I urge everyone who get Cartoon Network to watch the (yes I know, it isn't DBZ, but who cares,) Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Movie. It will be airing this Friday Nov. 10 at 5 eastern, 4 central. Watch and enjoy! Mr.T has left the builtin'.

Posted By: 12thVegetto 11/2/00
Wow, sorry about not updating. Angelfire has been having server problems and my site was down for 3 days. I have been really busy with school and stuff, but some updates are coming soon. Im going to upload some more movie clips and get some more summaries typed. Check back later.

Posted By: 12thVegetto 10/21/00
Well, I put up 8 winamp skins in the new section of our site. Look on the sidebar its under winamp skins (hehe). Also I got a new affiliate so check his site out. It has tons of orignal content. By the end of this weekend I should have a new top pic. That will be kool, thats all for now later.

Posted By: 12thVegetto 10/17/00
Hmmm, not many big updates. Im just going around tweaking the site after I finished the new layout. Trying to make some wallpapers cause I dont wanna steal other peoples work. Not going very well ( I kinda suck at graphics). I am getting a kool top pic for my site from DBZ warz. That will amke my site look lots better I hope. Doing affiliate searching and what not. Some big updates coming soon. Mr.T is writing the Cell saga summarry and im writing the Garlic Jr saga.

Posted By: Mr. T 10/16/00
I did finish the Frieza saga Saturday. But, it is a bit spotty, might not make sense, and just skims the top of that saga. I will go back in the future and fix the problems, and elaborate on it more. Also, I'm really happy about all the hits we've been getting. Although 80 hits a day isn't much, it's alot for us. Yeah! Also, if anyone out there has acces to a barn, (like I do) and you have hay in it, go jump into it. Along with the Anti-Krillin Movement in the humor section, I proclaim this to be, "National Jump off Hay Bales and into a big pile of shredded hay Week! I did it yesterday, (Veg was over, but he wouldn't do it, cheap basta.....anyways.....) and it was really fun. *Disclaimer* only jump while under adult, or other guardian's supervision. Don't do drugs. And smoking is bad for you. Mr. T has left the builtin'.

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