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The couple exits the club, stepping into the hot city air. Even with the sun gone, sweat could still form on one's skin from walking about. They slide into their jet-black mustang convertible and quickly pull out of the parking lot, en route for more adventure. She pulls back the lever of the seat, leaning back until she laying down staring up at the starlit sky. The breeze from driving with the top down gave little relief to the tired femme. She smiles happily watching the stars go by as the man she was with drove further from the city. The sky became darker as they grew further away from the night- life, until the only noise that could be heard was the hum of the car's motor. Her hand wandered until it lay upon his hand that was holding onto the stick shift. She turned her head and smiled to him as she gazed at his face from behind her long waving hair as it blew over her eyes.

"Where are you taking me now?" she asked, her voice dancing seductively toward his ear.

He simply smiled and looked to her, not wanting to give away the surprise just yet. His mysterious eyes look back to the road and he continues to drive without another word spoken.

After what seemed like forever, the car comes to a stop and he turns the engine off, removing the key from the ignition. The girl opens her eyes and sits up. Before her unfolds the miles of rolling sand, and the sound of waves hitting the earth. She immediately hopped out of the car and headed for the shoreline. The man followed her finding her child like energy very attractive. She kicked off her shoes and let the cold ocean water touch her feet. It sent shivers down her spine as she closed her eyes smiling. He walks up from behind her and wraps his arms about her waste pulling her close.

"I take it you like your surprise. You told me you had never seen this ocean before, so I thought it would be a nice to bring you here."

"It was nice of you…I love it" she says smiling her hazelnut eyes still closed.

His hand travels up her side to stroke her cheek gently before nuzzling his face in her neck. She giggles playfully, a sign that she enjoyed his actions immensely. His lips move up her neck softly, barely touching her skin until he reaches her ear,

"Have you ever made love on a beach?" his hands wandering to glide over her stomach pulling the material of her shirt as well.

Her heart skipped a beat as the question sank in. What was she going to do? Sure she was friends with this person, and she had imagined doing things like this with him quite often, but for it to actually happen made her weak in the knees. All she could do was breathe heavily as his every movement brought her closer to the edge of just pushing him to the ground and ripping away at his clothing. She found herself biting her bottom lip, a common thing for her to do when aroused as his other hand traveled down underneath her skirt. Her brown eyes snap open with a gasp as he stimulates what had been crying out for attention. He slowly lowered her to the ground and he followed. His hands pinned her wrists above her head as he started to kiss her neck ever so slightly. Then after adjusting it so one hand held onto her, the other caressed over her body until he reached her breasts. He noticed that her tight shirt was fastened with buttons. With little hesitation, he curled his fingers under the flap of where the buttons met and quickly tugged until her shirt ripped away. His lips worked their way down to her chest, where his tongue took over. She could feel the cold metal of his tongue piercing slide over her skin as well, causing her to shudder and moan, not able to stifle it. He smirks slightly, finding one of her spots and continues to abuse it, still pinning her hands over her head. Not able to endure much more, she started to squirm and move around under him in hopes that she'd be able to rub up against something to satisfy the urge that swelled in-between her legs. Noticing her reactions, he stopped and sat up until he was towering over her. He smiles and asks coyly,

"What do you want me to do to please you?"

She knew this game. He told her before how he enjoyed asking what a girl wanted him to do, and have him perform for her. There had to be a catch, why would he do something simple like this without anything in it for him? She searched her mind for something good that she had never done before.

"All I want is to make love to you…"

He pondered this, a simple request it was. He parted his lips and asked, "How bad to you want it?"


"Beg me for it."

There it was, the catch she was waiting for. He got off on women begging and then found it more sensual to please them after having them beg him with tears in their eyes. She smiled wickedly liking his way of handling things. She sits up to face him and starts to lick and nip at his neck. Her fingertips start their work at undoing the buttons on his silk shirt. Her manner became more passionate, and he couldn't help but moan and grab at her curving figure. Ripping away his shirt, her hands immediately roam all over his naked skin pressing herself against him, still licking and biting at his neck. He pulls her chin up so he can stare into her eyes before he kisses her, that magical tongue stud putting her on Cloud Nine while his hand was busy sliding up her skirt to remove her satin panties. He tosses them aside undoing his belt. He pushes her back onto the cold beach, sand mixing with her auburn hair. He slowly slides off his pants and boxers moving them aside and then returns his fingers under her skirt. Her eyes closed she enjoys the sensations of his fingertips, before they are replaced by him gently gliding his member into her. She gasps arching her back slightly, only to force him into her further. Kissing her passionately, he starts to gently grind against her, sending shockwaves up her body as he thrust into her further each time. Every time a cry of pleasure escapes her lips, it turns him on more, and he thrusts harder to make her scream out for more. It seemed like it would never end, and she didn't want it to. She could tell that he was reaching his climax by the way he was breathing and the way he moved, so she enjoyed the last of it. Suddenly, he pulls out of her and grabs her arm forcing her to sit. Without him telling her to, she gently brings his member into her warm mouth, sucking gently. Using her expert knowledge of oral sex, she teased him by pulling back and then without warning, plunging forward again. She smirks as she hears him moan with her every action and only continues in hopes to hear more. And more she does hear, with the passing moments, his moans become more urgent, as if he was trying to hold back so it would last longer. She wasn't going to have it. She quickened her pace so it was impossible for him to resist. Unable to take anymore, he let go, and her mouth filled with the warm feeling of his love. Swallowing it as a sign of acceptance, she sits back on her legs, bringing herself into a kneeling position. When he caught his breath, he kissed her passionately, not caring what she had just done and held her close.
"I don't want to go home tomorrow…" she said softly, while being held in his embrace.
"I don't want you too either…" he replied, holding her tighter.