Her Love
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The first man Aeris fell for was a man named Halter. He adored her love for life even after all she had
been through. He asked for her hand in marriage and she graciously accepted. She stood in front of her
bridal court in her beautiful gown smiling happily. A man from Halter's guild came in to inform her that
she wouldn't be needing the gown after all. Halter had killed himself over the loss of a friend.

After the heartbreak of loosing Halter, she eventually moved on and met Janus (now know as Thray).
They had started seeing each other and Aeris fell in love. She became pregnant with his child shortly after.
The night she went to tell him the news, he informed her that he was leaving her, because his real love
Usagi had divorced her husband to be with him. Aeris went back to her dojo in the gardens where she had
her first daughter Deedlit. Aeris never got to see her daughter before the doctors took her away. Aeris was in
so much pain and so exhausted the whole sitaution was a blur to her. She later found that Deedlit
had died shortly after being born. There were many lonely nights where all she could do was lay awake and
wonder, if he had really loved her, or only used her for sex. He had done both, and sometimes couldn't tell the
difference between the two.

She recovered from the ordeal and met a woman by the name of Sasha. They became good friends, and
eventually, Aeris was introduced to Deacon Zarania. Through weeks of endless hesitation they both decided
to open their hearts once more to try again. It was exactly what the both of them needed. One morning Aeris
woke up to find a letter from Deacon saying that he was leaving on a mission with his sister Sirene. He wasn't
sure when or if he was coming back. He told Aeris to move on without him and find happiness elsewhere.
Aeris wrote in a letter saying she'd wait forever if she needed to. And she did. He returned to her
one day, and was welcomed by open arms. As he held her in his embrace, she noticed a wedding band on his
finger. She looked to her hand and didn't find the match. Deacon never got her letter...

Deacon confessed to her that he really loved her and that he was leaving his wife. Then Aeris became
pregnant with her second child. It didn't scare her because Deacon was leaving Kayla to be with her.
But, as luck would have it, Kayla was also with child. Deacon couldn't leave her now that he knew that.
Aeris gave birth to Deacon's first child, a daughter named Ayami. She lived in the dojo once more until
Kayla's death. After that Deacon wanted her to live with him in his mansion. He told her he wanted to start
things over with her, but he was the tricky type and quickly changed his mind. After dealing with
the way he was for an extended period of time, she left the mansion not wanting to see Sirene
and Deacon again. Fights escalated between her and Deacon, and then her and Sirene. Afraid that Sirene
might try to hurt her in some way, Aeris sent Ayami to live with her aunt.

Once again, she finds herself a lone living in that dojo and garden. She had become a vampire to be with
Deacon and was still living with the burden of being undead years after. She met a man by the name of Troya
Hiyamo one night at an inn. After talking with him privately, she developed a liking toward him. He made her
a demon to make her stronger and to bring her back from the undead. Now that his blood runs through her she wants
to be with him more than ever, but she knows she can't. She promised him to life her live for fun and pleasure
instead of in sadness.

Not wanting to be bothered by the pest known as Sirene, Aeris started to stay at home. She found an alternative
location to meet Deacon without Sirene's interference. Little did she know, that the man who owned the place was also someone that helped her through her time without Deacon. Old feelings that she never took action upon because of her promise to Deacon resurfaced.
She let herself fall for this man, under the impression he had feelings for her as well. She helped him open his heart after having it closed from the loss of his wife. She returned to this place the next day to see him, and that's when John told her about Jewel. He thanked Aeris for helping realize his feelings for her, and that he saw her as no more than a friend.

Upset like any woman would be she secluded herself from everyone as she tried to let her heart repair itself. It was here that her dream happened upon her. He washed up on shore with no memory of where he came from. Aeris took him in under her wing immediately to care for him and eventually fell in love with him. She gave him the name Kiryuu Yume, meaning "Living Dream"

Aeris wouldn't be happy for long. After being married for three days to her Living Dream he was killed.